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Using political violence to defeat the politically violent is an absolute last resort. It forever changes the norms of the country and significantly weakens the democracy. It proves the violent correct in a sense, that the peaceful system is inadequate and violent retribution is how you should achieve your goals.

The only way to try and save face is if the people who violently overthrow the fascists say in turn "arrest me for what I've done". Because this isn't just about defeating the fascists -- we also need to preserve our peaceful democracy.

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Can confirm, that life sucked. My remote job is much, much better

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I think Sanders just saved Biden's campaign.

I have my misgivings as well and I was leaning towards replacing Biden. I read the entire op/ed though and Sanders makes a very vehement defense for Biden. If Sanders thinks Biden is the best chance against Trump, then I'm ready to circle the wagons.

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No matter how much you'd like for it to be the case, proprietary algorithms owned by big corporations are not remotely comparable to children.

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I get what you're saying. The way I look at it is that it's different phases of life. At nearly 30 I really can't relate to someone still in college. Maybe a senior at best. I'd be flattered if they came onto me, but they're just too young for me. That doesn't mean they're like a 12 year old. It just means I want to date someone I can more closely relate to and who's had experience living and working after college.

There's a maturity factor too. I was waaaaay less mature back in my early 20s and drank and partied a lot. That's how it should be, I'm not knocking people for doing that. Being less mature isn't a bad thing when you're actually young, and you should have fun while you are. There's nothing wrong with that.

This is why I can't fathom 30+ year old men being interested in even 18 or 19 year olds. They're less mature (again, as they should be!) and at a very different stage in life. It's creepy to actually want to date them.

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Lawyers are obligated to defend even obviously guilty people, but seriously? Victim blaming a child?

I get it, it's hard to come up with a tenable legal defense when someone is starkly guilty, but this is just gross.

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It's cute when a kid has a crush like that, but that's all it is, a crush. From someone who doesn't understand what romance is beyond what's in pop culture. It's cute and wholesome.

An adult seeing that and going "hmm, what if" is the exact fucking opposite of cute and wholesome. They're a freaky ass fella who needs to be locked up.

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An old coworker of mine at an old job was involved in Scouts as a den leader or whatever it's called, and he was telling us about the Rule of 2. The organization apparently took it really fucking seriously when there was a child sexual abuse case with a den leader. Rule of 2, mandatory training on recognizing and reporting abuse. They basically went full Title 9.

On a lighter note, this was also around the time Boy Scouts rebranded into Scouts and started letting girls join. My coworker said the one girl in his group excelled over everyone else and was quite skilled at everything. The organization made a great decision in making the group coed.

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What the actual fuck

How do any of these people live with themselves?

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A conviction requires a jury of your peers to deem you guilty -- if your peers don't think you've broken the law by killing a child rapist, then you aren't guilty.

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The normal thing to do when a preteen or teenager asks you to have sexual relations with them is to say "absolutely fucking not".

The whole point of the age of consent is that below a certain age teenagers and children don't understand what they're agreeing to or asking for.

This is the stupidest possible legal defense they could make.

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This is the best the lawyers could come up with? He very clearly scraped the bottom of the barrel when looking for legal representation


You'd think midterms would be a great time to get your name out there and run high profile candidates to win House districts led by charlatans...


First off, terrible headline. The "ruled by men" is totally unnecessary and biased.

Second, there are certainly much worse events going on in the world right now. This is hardly the most important.

It's an interesting article though about how some women feel in China about government policies and how they're meeting to discuss feminism and women empowerment. It's disappointing to see that the Chinese government has adopted a similar stance to US Republicans.


Not much info at time of posting what prompted the man to do so


This article is absolutely infuriating. I'd like to say I'm surprised to see people with such vitriol, but this isn't a surprise.


Edit: It looks like the argument here is that the US is not calling for an instant ceasefire, but instead saying that one is very important to have. China and Russia say it should be immediate. The US also tied it to hostage talks.

Another resolution is in the works to call for an immediate ceasefire, but the US is expected to veto it because they believe it could endanger hostage talks.


The article has a fantastic line about how Johnson's views are so out of step, even the majority of the conservative justices on the supreme court don't champion them. He agrees with Thomas, and Thomas is exceptionally unique in just how insanely conservative he is.

As a fun bonus, the article also has quotes of him praising Trump, if you ever wanted to see the moral bankruptcy of evangelicals laid completely bare to see.


This is a fantastic opinion piece by Sanders that lays it out the situation before the Hamas attack, the current situation, and what should be done. He lays out several requirements for peace that aid to Israel should be contingent on. He also notes that Hamas is hurting the Palestinians, which is a detail very few mention.

He's also one of the first people I've seen try to take a stab at what a lasting solution needs to be -- two states, Netanyahu ousted, Hamas destroyed, foundations of Palestinian civil government created.


The article provided a good overview of the situation and firsthand accounts, plus marked up maps. The maps make it clear just how ridiculous their claims are. It's like a modern "manifest destiny" philosophy.


I'm rather curious to see how the EU's privacy laws are going to handle this.

(Original article is from Fortune, but Yahoo Finance doesn't have a paywall)


In short, we aren't on track to an apocalyptic extinction, and the new head is concerned that rhetoric that we are is making people apathetic and paralyzes them from making beneficial actions.

He makes it clear too that this doesn't mean things are perfectly fine. The world is becoming and will be more dangerous with respect to climate. We're going to still have serious problems to deal with. The problems just aren't insurmountable and extinction level.


There's just something fucking hilarious about laying off employees, mocking them, and being sued for improperly firing them -- and then whining that your competitor hired them and that they have access to Twitter information still.

I believe this fits well under the "fuck around and find out" doctrine.

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