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Sometimes when writing I encounter issues where they have too many allies that are willing to solve their conflicts.

I found a solution whenever this happens is to amplify each characters' flaws. Suddenly the conflicts no longer resolve themselves!

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Ok hear me out, what if his ear just did that?

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With streaming services they're proving it's not viable to run a resource hog of a service with a measly monthly subscription.

With social media they're proving it's not viable to run a resource hog of a service for free, even with advertisement.

So naturally the best plan to monetize AI is to run a resource hog of a service with a measly monthly subscription and a free version without advertisements. /s

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I've begun to think of LLMs as compression algorithms for patterns. It can take an existing pattern and apply it on unusual subjects. Like take the pattern of a limerick and apply it to the patterns of Danny Devito, that's the upper limit of their creativity. So rather than storing information, it stores these patterns making it seem more dynamic.

The way I see it, human creativity is the combination of patterns but in a chaotic non-analytic way. We make leaps of logic that without precise knowledge of our brains can't be exactly replicated. Meanwhile LLM's just do the basic combination of patterns that result in the most generic realization of any idea.

However the well dries up as soon as we stop training them. They'll store the basics of any field but fail to replicate new developments or conclusions until trained.

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In these situations the asker is typically skeptical that your a "real fan", usually because of sexism.

It doesn't really matter how you answer because they're not asking for a genuine conversation, they want a dick measuring contest to prove they are superior. If you do fulfill their request chances are they'll nitpick the songs you chose and still accuse you of being a "fake fan".

Gatekeeping often comes with moving the goalpost so the only winning move is not to play.

A genuine asker would probably ask about your favorites rather than demand they answer trivia.

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CVS has a speech recognition system that just won't forward me to a damn human.

And the nerve of them to constantly berate you about using the app, when I'm calling because the apps not working.

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I can say being a trans woman confronts you with this dilemma head on. While I was boymode I was largely ignored and didn't think much about safety, but after transitioning I began to understand why my sister always had an array of self defense keychains.

Since it was a sudden shift for me I've ask myself how to avoid dangerous people, and apart from self defense methods the only real answer I've come to is recognize the signs and trust your gut feelings.

Sadly many people are conditioned to always be nice and accommodating to please everyone. Everybody needs to set strict boundaries and know how to leave unapologetically when they're breached. You never owe someone your unconditional trust.

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I think in unsafe scenes it can be dangerous to try and argue against your gut instincts by assuming you're being stereotypical. This message is vital for women and other targeted groups, but can apply to anyone really.

If you're out at night, or in a club/bar/party, or out with strangers, or are without your phone/keys, ect; then you need to trust any sense of unsafety and be on high alert. If it's a false alarm due to a stereotype then you can interrogate your biases later. If someone gives you the creeps, you need to maneuver into a safe position before giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Our instincts are really good at detecting if something's off or dangerous, but really bad at communicating that to us consciously. So always go to a friend, or public location, or wait for another day, ect; before turning your back on someone with red flags, even if it's a stereotype.

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Once Google Maps directed me through the scenic route to work. Turns out there was a massive crash on the highway.

Not only would I have been late I would also have to survive traffic hell.

It also tells you where speed traps are ahead of time. I've always wondered how the cops feel about Google snitching on them like that.

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It's not like these societies were completely disconnected from each other (except Japan). Remember even people in the past borrowed things from their history for their beliefs. The entirety of Hermeticism is the fusion of Greek and Egyptian beliefs for example (Hermes and Thoth specifically).

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The joke is people will mention the latter at any chance they get even if it doesn't fit.

So the format is:

[Important discussion]

[Unexpectedly simple response]

[Some guy interjects with thing he always talks about]

But the most important detail is I personally have a fast metabolism, I can eat as much as I want and not gain weight for whatever reason lol.

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I'm early Gen Z with a kinda poor family. So I had CRT's and old VHS but also grew up on the internet.

I feel an extreme gap between me and people a few years younger. I graduated in 2018 so I was some of the last people to have a traditional highschool experience. Before Covid, Zoom, and Chatgpt.

I also mostly grew up with computers instead of phones so Im only just now getting into TikTok, I'll likely never truly revolve around it like many others (both older and younger than me).

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