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I'm not complaining. Only way I'd be happier with his VP pick is if he took up Rubio and forced him to give up Florida.

Vance is also a snake and he'll backstab the orange man at some point most likely.

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Initially we didn't know that the shooter was Republican.

More over though I see a lot of people discussing stats for voters based off of 2020 but I really don't think that's a good year to base it on given that the covid lockdowns were taking place. A lot of people had nothing better to do and actually paid attention to politics. A lot of people were miserable, partly because of Trump's awful handling of covid but also just the fact that we were going to be miserable anyways.

All we really know at the end of the day is that Trump feeds off a lot of occurrences like this and it's worrisome. Many people are more anxious for their futures than ever before right now.

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Things are looking a lot better now that it's come out that the shooter was a registered republican.

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Guessing this person made some sort of mistake.

A lot of people on Fetlife for example know to vet their partners thoroughly so they don't end up with a serial killer and to be careful with the information trail they leave on there.

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Man, people on lemmy need to look outside of their own bubbles a little more. There's more than just those in my camp and those against my camp.

There are uninformed voters who genuinely do not pay as much attention to politics as those of us on this platform do. Uninformed voters exist and they are influenced by the big headlines like this.

This is why other factors regarding a candidate such as whether or not they are likeable matter. It's not for me. It's not for you or any other hardline party entrenched voter. It's for them, the ones who barely pay attention.

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I feel like you're a little out of touch here.

There are hardline Democrats and Republicans who aren't going to change their positions over anything. There's also many people who don't pay close attention to politics and only pick up on big news like this. Those are the people that are going to be influenced unfortunately. These people exist. They are uninformed, easily influenced and they can swing the outcome unfortunately.

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This was the worst possible outcome. Unless someone intends on finishing the job it may as well be his election now.

He'll spend the rest of the election telling people how strong he is, how Biden could not have survived and he'll use the attack to validate all his claims of Democrat corruption/Republican righteousness.

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I realize that there isn't anyone he could pick that I'd feel comfortable with considering I don't feel comfortable about him at all but the thought of this still made me shudder a little.

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Even if he didn't try to have Pence killed, he doesn't need Pence at this point. He's got the evangelical voters now. I believe Rubio is out of Florida, so that won't work out for obvious reasons.

Meanwhile the other two have a bit too much spine and self-respect for themselves still. The orange ego maniac will be looking for someone that obeys him at every turn.

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YouTube is great in general. I remember as a teen going into college thinking that the changes were going to kill it but really the platform has a lot of great content for everything. Everything except gaming anyways, which is a bit ironic.

Tutorials, cooking videos, engineering and math videos, historical discussions and theory.

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“there’s a fuckton of low-information voters who are unlikely to vote for a guy who clearly displays Biden’s health issues”.

There's a lot of people who complain but know the reality of the situation and will vote according but low info voters are another issue altogether. People on here don't realize that.

There's a lot of people out there who don't pay nearly the same amount of attention to the news as the people on lemmy do. You have to work around these groups. This is why being likeable is important. These people lack most of the information, many of them don't even care. You can't just sit there and scream at them how they're ruining their own lives. That doesn't work.

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Even if you look past the cruelties committed, it's still disappointing.

I've read a variety of books on various wars and those that we were involved in were mostly disappointing in regards to tactical decisions. Everything after the revolution either feels like a fluke or just simply feels as if we brute forced our way through with resources until the post WWII era where various campaigns failed due to guerilla warfare. I'm oversimplifying but especially early on in its life the country's militia was a bit unimpressive.

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