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Permits is only required when the compiler can't see the extending classes. IE inner classes can extend without needing to be written out in a permits clause. This isn't really that useful but I've taken advantage of it more than once so who knows

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I started reading it a couple days ago cause it sounded like hot garbage. It's been a good time so far. I'd put it on the same hot garbage tier that Girlfriend Girlfriend lives on.

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Every time I hear somebody mention that theory I remember that most people believe Elon isn't a massive moron

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It's always just looked (really) pretty, story's always been meh. Like have you ever thought about how Nezuko is literally just a cute girl he carries around in a box? That's her character. This arc is just boring though. Will have fights again next season.

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I haven't actually seen the Heavenly Delusion anime (from what I understand it ends after we find Robin) but we do actually see much more aftermath, where the kids go and stuff later on. They could be starting work on a second season right now. Got enough where it'd make sense to me to begin planning it out and whatevers involved.

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Manga chapter? Uh we're at like volume 9 or something as of chapter 118. So we're a bit under half way through adapting the current LNs (21 Volumes atm)

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Chat GPT can output an article in a much shorter time than it'd take me to write one but people would probably like mine more

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Why would you ever post Second Thought content here? Dudes a tankie. That's like slapping some bullshit Harry Potter lady says in here

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It's almost always a risk to other people. I can't think of a vaccine that is for a non-communicable disease.

Tetanus? Least I didn't think that was contagious

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It's the same impact. It's the same amount of microplastic it just takes longer. If I give you the choice of 100 beans today or 1 bean each day for 100 days it's still 100 beans. The total impact is identical it just takes longer.

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Interesting direction to go...

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