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Yes, but Forbes is pretty white. It's the same vibe regardless.

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I am a diversity, equity and inclusion expert is essentially an academic way of saying some of my best friends are black.

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Set phasers to fuck.

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Except that the crust where the window is would bake completely differently from the parts of the crust that would be touching the stoneware.

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They are already targets.

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You should be scared but try not to feel hopeless that won't help anyone. I'm honestly shocked at how little people have been freaking out. Especially the news media, I don't see how a free press survives a second Trump administration. That's what really concerns me the seeming apathy.

I'm hoping that come November the election will go well, and we won't have to worry about it as much. (As well as possible given the choices)

My family and I are going to be overseas when the transition happens and if we might not return depending on what happens. We're going to be visiting family in a country where my spouse qualifies for citizenship ship so I feek like that's in our favor.

If shit goes south and it was just me, I would probably stay but I've got kids to worry about and I won't feel bad for a second about keeping them safe.

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Haven't been following the news, have we? What you said was mostly true a week ago. Now, NO ONE has legal protection under U.S. law against crime committed by an American president.

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In case you ever need led hardproof that America is not a Christian Nation.


It would be great if Connect would let us see the url for these sort of links with out needing to click on them. I always worry about navigating to a website that I would rather not.

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I see nothing that indicates that that is the front of the roll

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Did you really expect them to rule against their own economic interest?

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Lady Cassandra....?

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