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Here’s where we never see the cure, due to profits.

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It’s not, but the situation has been leading towards a revolution for a longtime. Which is why unions were in place, and so many of the rich are building bunkers. We’re animals who want to believe we can prepare for anything, but reality is a cruel bitch.

You can’t prepare for * after* shit hitting the fan this late into the game, the only true solution will always be avoiding it hitting altogether. But the ultra rich rolled the dice, so here we are heading to the next step.

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Vive la révolution.

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I suspect her own family hates her, as she has that sociopath smirk that only comes from her bitter desire to make everyone miserable. All for a small slight she received in grade school.

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All CEO’s have that smug look in photos, really shows off the sociopathic need to make things worse inside them. Like an abusive spouse, we made them do it!

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Your IP addresses, home, cellphone, etc.. They all lead back to your actual home address where you can be identified.

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Apologies for the late response, but appreciate the suggestions. I will likely go with your suggestions. 👍

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Guess you’re right on the headphones, any suggestions? There’s so many brands these days and I’ll assume most are garbage 😂

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I had a cousin who did this, also played Kenny Loggins - Highway to the Danger Zone, during Starfox 64.

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It’s the folly of humanity, to believe the problem will always be the next generation’s problem. Selfish desire first, concern second.

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Hate to jump in on someone else’s question and ask for advice, but what would you suggest for around or under $100? On a budget but getting back into gaming. TIA.

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He looks like a crazy zombified, Tom Selleck.


Most people are killing their selves with third jobs to share apartments.

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