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"When a hero comes along . . ."

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It's not a recent thing but there was a pretty serious resurgence of it around waitforit the turn of the millennia back in 1999/2000, with a followup in 2012 when we all thought the Mayan calendar was going to run out for some reason. My observation is that these events had a deeper impact on world thinking than I realized at the time.

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As someone who's been recycling since the early 1980s, the whole thing is heartbreaking.


Turns out even the most "advanced" modes of plastics recycling are bullshit, just as 40+years of plastics recycling efforts before them.

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It's really difficult on both an intellectual and an emotional level to absorb the fact that most of the information given to me about recycling has been false for the sum total of my 45 years on this planet.

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As with our dentention centers on the US/Mexico border, we'll only see select portions of this after they've "addressed the issues" innate to putting people in holding facilities.

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I have long held a theory that so much of the superficial orthopraxy demanded by various activist movements is intentional and designed to disrupt or retard actual action.

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How can we best get involved and support the cause?

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With over a century of vocabulary and terminology around these kind of social issues, it does get confusing in a hurry. That's why I try to stick to plain language and popular terms whenever possible.

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Exactly. Everyone's on the list, eventually.

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Also called Millenarianism, it refers to the belief that a major change/end of an age/apocalypse is inbound.

A lot of folks felt this way when the year 1999 rolled around and the "new millennium" began. For some it only got worse after September 11th 2001.

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That may in part be an intended consequence. A permanent underclass benefits all mainstream politics in the US.

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Start building #community and #mutualaid systems now. It's about to get ugly out there.

#election2024 #2024election #immigration #immigrants #PresidentialElection2024 #DonaldTrump #JoeBiden


Y'all might wanna start paying attention to our water systems and how incredibly vulnerable they are. Plan accordingly, as it ain't getting fixed soon!


In short we've learned nothing, done nothing, and will be caught flat again. If you're not ready, get ready, because no one is coming to save you.


Due to a dependence on GPS, large scale farms are now hackable/disruptable.


Protip; Ain't nothin' free, nowhere nohow.

Kessler Syndrome and YOU (

Kessler Syndrome would end space travel and satellite communications for generations. It's worth taking a look at this group and its work.


It's not quite enough for me, personally, but this is a small step in the right direction.

I think that the real "down near the metal" solution is to own a dumb car, but those are getting thin on the ground . . .


This has a real "hide the zombie bite from your friends" feel to it, albeit on a much grander scale.


I've just been clued into this and I'd like to know if anyone can give me an idea of the quality of the information contained therein. Thanks in advance--I hope you're well today!


Title says it all--a fellow bricoleur just turned me on to the No Trace Project and I'm curious to know if anyone else here has looked into it and the quality of the information therein. Thanks in advance!


The writing is on the wall--I suspect the next Windows OS will be a subscription service. Gather your ISOs while ye may.

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