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Just because Linux as an operating system can have that experience, doesn't mean everyone wants or, really, needs that experience. Some people buy cars to drive and want it to just work. Others buy cars to play with. Some people dj music that is already made, others buy a guitar.

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Would you be willing to share scripts? Your situation is exactly my situation. Every time I decide to tackle it again, I'm overwhelmed with trying to settle. I dabble around as a dj and have so many duplicate tracks from various complications that automation has been problematic.

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That's a weird qualifier. The album is perfect. The question wasn't "is it perfect if you omit cover songs?"

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The cover slips between the dash and the floor wedging the pedal down.


This is the video source of the recall.

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Bob Boilen, the renowned creator of NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts and All Songs Considered, has been announced as the next program director for the low-power FM radio station WOWD/Takoma Radio.

Boilen, who also served as the director of All Things Considered for 18 years, hosts “My Tiny Morning Show,” a weekly one-hour program on Wednesdays at 8 a.m. featuring emerging, independent, and groundbreaking artists.

More in link..

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Not sure what your point is. You confidently, perhaps prematurely, suggested that OP's phone didn't have hardware AV1 decoding. Do you know what kind of phone they have? Your filter also ignores Tensor as a chipset. All Pixels since 6 have AV1 hardware decoding. So, basically, what you're suggesting is that anyone with a phone over 3 years old doesn't have AV1 hardware decode, and considering that the specification was only finalized in early 2019, you seem pretty grumpy about it for some reason. Just because it's being set as default doesn't mean support is being removed, just deprecating them as a fallback. Why grumpy?

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My Pixel does. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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I agree. It's the current state of our society. Nobody likes to be challenged or have their feels hurt, which leads to avoidance of the challenge. It's a catch-22. There's little value in a non challenging interview. There's no value in an interview that doesn't occur at all.

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The challenge is that in this current Trumpworld political climate is that news organizations that push back or argue in the slightest would never get additional interviews. Similar to how game publishers stop sending review copies to publications who haven't reviewed their previous works in a positive light.

We appear to be in an era of "no news except positive news or else" rather than "all press is good press"

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Sane people in Florida need to evacuate as soon as possible.

No! That is exactly the power play. Policies like this are intended to move liberal voters out of swing states. You know, the ones that sway the elections. They want the swing states to be red states.

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Harris has been pro weed for years now. One of the foremost issues with our political system in the US is that these people are elected by a constituency that demands a job be done in a way that they want. (I am purposely ignoring the corporate donor aspect for this statement)

The locality (and the era) demanded drug dealers go to jail, so she did her job. Where Harris has floundered is how she talks about it and attonrs for it today.

You can be outspoken about a politicians past, but it's disingenuous to ignore that a politician has changed, especially so if they have changed with positive progression.

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Jitsi Meet for zoom replacement

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That's clever as hell. It's been a long time since I've seen a new illusion.

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I'm going to try and keep this clear and concise.

I'm not confident in my parenting. I don't feel like I've been a good parent, but I have done the best that I can with the tools and resources that I have.

My 18 y/o has lived with us since she was 4. My partner has been in my 18y/o's life since they were 13 months old.

18y/o is copy->paste of their deadbeat mother and I don't know what to do about it. I don't know what I can do about it at this point.

I have tried to instill structure, while allowing wiggle room at times. I recognize that it's my job as the parent to draw hard lines and it's my kids job to push the boundaries and cross those lines.

18y/o is almost mute around us. Doesn't communicate much of anything beyond surface level 'pleasantries'. And it's more often than not, anything but pleasant. They (biological female) are diagnosed with ADHD, 'change disorder', anxiety and depression. I've done so much reading trying to figure out this person and how I can help, but nothing seems to help. Kid has never really be honest with therapists. Lies for no reason, and doubles down even when presented with irrefutable evidence that they've been caught. If I had to 'self-diagnose', they have ODD and are a sociopath, but I've seen how they behave around friends and peers. They only have disregard for us. Outside the home, they are a people pleaser. But if we suggest something, or ask for something to be done, it's a fight, every time.

They are a senior in high school, is a good student when there's nothing rocking their boat, but had steadily declining grades as the school year presses on. I have no idea what's going on in their life, everything is responded to with a random selection of the following list:

I don't know

I don't remember

I don't know how you want me to answer that

Do you want me to respond?

I don't see what the problem is.

I don't see how this is a big deal.

The current argument is regarding whether we should be expected to wake them up for school in the morning. I've already put my foot down about it, and since December 1st, they've already walked themselves to school twice because they overslept.

They are impossible to motivate. When things finally come to a head and an argument breaks out, which typically boils over because there can be no constructive conversation with someone who is either unable or unwilling to have a conversation. And only when the argument breaks out do we get any action on anything, and then it's an overcorrection. For example, we've been pushing for them to fill out scholarship applications for 8 months. We've had friends provide spreadsheets with links to what we collectively think are viable scholarships, for no action responses. Then when we finally get a break in the wall, they fill out scholarship applications for tens of thousands of dollars for enrollment in a school states away with misleading GPA information. We are not in a financial position to accommodate that kind of enrollment, even if we wanted to support the decision. It comes off as an "I'll show them" move.

Nevermind the drivers license thing. Can't get them to get off their ass and get their license. It's been a battle for 2 years. Something always goes wrong. Last time I pressed on it hard, we ended up in intensive outpatient therapy.

They're unmanageable and I don't know what to do for or with them. Our home is small, 800 sqft and it's a hell hole. My partner has almost left me twice over this kid's behavior over the years. Partner and kid do not get along at all at this point, and has lead to a false CPS report so my kid could try and move in with their crush's family.

There so much context missing but there's no time or room for 18 years of back story.

I don't know if there's a question here, but I need help or support, or something. Any stories or advice anyone cares to relay would be appreciated. I'm terrified that once this kid leaves, I'm never going to hear from them again. But I can't control that, and I recognize it.

Thanks for reading.

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Alternatively, what's your meal prep breakfast for the week?

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How is this not fraud or at minimum corruption? This guy resigned and was rehired in the same meeting back in August with a renegotiated 5 year contract with a 40% raise and a severance package. 3 months later his mom's for liberty school board gets booted and he immediately resigns, granting him his severance? Pretty smelly.

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