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I'm taking linguistic liberty by not saying "the ICU". People say "sent to or discharged from hospital" all the time, so I'm trying to get away with it because the wording works better.

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I remember loving the Adam West Batman

I hope you saw the trailer Corridor did 2 years ago for Adam West's Batman modernized.

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Take heart friend! I'm 43 so not that young. I grew up watching Adam West's Batman, Marvel cartoons, etc. They count!

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Fair point and you may be joking because it's a good question for that. If serious, I honestly don't know what the odds are in a gamble like that. Was he "lucky" or do most people the police abuse like this get big payouts? Is it worth forgoing legal counsel in the hopes that the police screw up in a manner that can be prosecuted into a payout?

If I knew I was going to get 900k I'd likely be willing to go through such a rough day, but those are quite the dice to roll in the moment methinks. If I ever end up in a police station my plan is to get counsel.

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Remember in many countries you have the right to legal counsel and to have them present during any questioning. Getting said counsel should be a priority if you find yourself in a police station. Be respectful but clear from the start that you aren't discussing your day until the lawyer/attorney is present.

This story is exactly why people need to be educated about their rights. If this poor guy had asked for an attorney the cops would have had to stop the interview immediately until one was present. I imagine once they resumed the question it would have gone differently with a legal professional in the room.

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Agreed. This is more about the court saying, "You countries signed us into existence to monitor the most serious instances of international law and here's our ruling as legal experts. Now it's up to you to decide what to do with it."

I still love seeing this because:

  • It lends legitimacy to the accusations against Israel and provides a legal foundation upon which to start measures meant to bring Israel back into line with international law.
  • In recent months my dreams have changed. If given the choice I'd give up personal wealth and fulfillment to see Netanyahu and his cabinet of thugs prosecuted in a modern Nuremberg Trial and end their lives in prison as befits the war criminals they are. Leaders should be held accountable for things like bombing hospitals and starving millions no matter which nation they represent.
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Too much clean energy that is nearly free sounds like a much better type of problem to solve than most.

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resistance is only logical!!

I'm really into fitness/weightlifting and this is a subtly fantastic joke :)

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Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz said on Friday, May 24, that he had decided to "sever the connection" between Spain's diplomatic mission and Palestinians in the occupied West Bank over Madrid's recognition of a Palestinian state.

"I have decided to sever the connection between Spain's representation in Israel and the Palestinians, and to prohibit the Spanish consulate in Jerusalem from providing services to Palestinians from the West Bank," Katz said in a post on X. It was not immediately clear how Israel would carry out the threat.

Asked by Agence France-Presse (AFP) about the practicalities and consequences of Katz's announcement, the Foreign Ministry did not immediately comment. Katz said his decision was made "in response to Spain's recognition of a Palestinian state and the anti-Semitic call by Spain's deputy prime minister to (...) 'liberate Palestine from the river to the sea.'"

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I totally missed that when I wrote it.

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Every time I get close it says "Press X to Interact" but I don't think my stats are high enough yet. I'm grinding on unattended toddlers until I level a few times.

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If the senior citizens near-ruling the USA from the SCOTUS find that making unpopular and legally questionable decisions is exhausting then they are free to retire. People will care a lot less about luxury RV's, free vacations, flags, etc. when they're no longer steering things like national reproductive rights and who actually has to obey the law.

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So I decided to do a week of these posts and then see how it was going. It seems to have gone well enough, but it's probably time for me to take a break from this format specifically for a while. In true Star Trek spirit though I want to get some use out of the misfit ideas so here's the memes I didn't pick each morning for whatever reason.

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Israel will not transfer much-needed funds to the Palestinian Authority in the wake of the decision by three European countries to recognize a Palestinian state, the country’s finance minister said on Wednesday, as its foreign minister denounced the European moves as giving “a gold medal to Hamas terrorists.”

The decision by the finance minister, Bezalel Smotrich, a far-right leader who opposes Palestinian sovereignty, threatened to push the Palestinian government into a deeper fiscal crisis. He said in a statement that he had informed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he would no longer send tax revenues to the authority, which administers parts of the Israeli-occupied West Bank in close cooperation with Israel.

Mr. Smotrich’s office signaled that the decision was at least partly a response to Spain, Norway and Ireland recognizing Palestinian statehood, and that the Palestinian leadership bore responsibility for campaigning for the move.

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I remember a lot of this from the 2000's internet.

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Edit: I misplaced a word - should be "what it is" not "is it".

With a bonus idea that came 2nd:

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I don't have friends. I have House.

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"Yeah science, bitch!" So we'll see how this meme does, but as someone who loves crazy science videos this is what I thought of. Two YouTubers in particular inspire this for me:

Nile is a chemist with two channels, NileRed and NileBlue. He does things like making chemicals that explode when they touch cotton, military-grade stink, or turning plastic gloves into hot sauce and grape soda.

Styropyro goes even further straight into mad scientist territory. He builds lasers that invisibly melt through car doors and set things on fire from 100s of feet away, or wires up 100 car batteries and makes crowbars explode.

Both regularly have "if you do this at home without proper education/gear it will kill you" moments.

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