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I’m with ya. My problem is that I rarely see black exterior plastic that doesn’t get UV blasted to hell. Most of it becomes pale over time.

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I think you hit the nail on the head. Something just felt off, and it’s probably because a lot of this isn’t great green screen work. Colors, lighting, etc - people don’t feel like they’re standing in a real place.

Fury Road was special because most of that stuff felt real… probably because it was.

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Re winter testing:

Apparently it got tested a lot I NZ during their winter. If you’re ever in Cardrona you see a TON of unreleased vehicles, from every manufacturer, being tested in camouflage wrappers.


But that said, a lot of people forget that Northern CA gets a fuck load of snow. A lot of us in the Bay Area do day trips to the Sierras for skiing / snowboarding.

And last winter was intense. Quite a few days where several feet of snow dropped in 24 hours. And that can create some crazy driving. Especially when you’re on winding hills with roads that usually don’t see any salt - just sand to keep fresh water rivers clean.

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True. Just saying it’s weird. Although just about every part of this thing is weird.

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The Cybertruck is absolutely The Homer.

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Drive mode selection on the ceiling of the vehicle. That’s definitely a choice.

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Threads, social media for people who wish it was mostly Wendy’s ads.

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If you hate yourself, open threads. It’s 90% Wendy’s ads.

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The education system isn’t the problem. It’s the people that keep trying to privatize and dismantle it.

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Her argument is basically Hamas hates gender equality, so if you support gender equality, you should be down with killing Palestinian civilians getting bombed to hell?

Does she not really understand that you can be against the intolerance and war crimes of both Israel AND Hamas?

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To be fair, is the Chat GPT native app really an amazing representation of a native Android or iOS app? It’s a chat bot that works almost identically to the website.

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"We're willing to make a deal with INL. If they research creating irl catgirls we will take down this post," SiegedSec wrote in a post announcing the leak on Monday.

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