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that's what I've been thinking

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thank u for your kind word

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I apologize if my english isn't perfect in how you would say it daily, but I hope it'll help with Linux popularity and as a reference for future days.

For this post specifically I want opinions regarding what would be best for school lab of tech vocational high school (for both computer networking and software engineering).

  1. Package update frequency:
  • A. Years per update (Debian, OpenSuse Leap)
  • B. Every 6 month (Ubuntu/Fedora)
  • C. Rolling Release (Debian Sid or Arch but update whenever (every week/month/semester/year))
  1. Desktop environment:
  • A. Gnome
  • B. KDE Plasma
  • C. Cinnamon
  • D. Lightweight DE (XFCE, LXQT, etc.)
  • E. Other DE (Mate, Budgie, etc.)
  • F. Stacking Window Manager (Fluxbox, IceWM, Openbox, etc)
  • G. TIling or Dynamic WM
  1. Community or Company Distro?
  • A. Community Distro
  • B. Company Distro
  1. Display server protocol:
  • A. Xorg
  • B. Wayland
  1. File System:
  • A. EXT4
  • B. BTRFS
  • C. Other
  1. Immutable?
  • A. Not Immutable
  • B. Immutable
  1. Functionality
  • A. General Purpose (Debian, Arch, OpenSuse)
  • B. Specific Purpose (Debian Edu, Parrot Linux, AV linux, etc.)

Let me know your opinion, perhaps I missed some critical question or maybe some question above isn't that important to consider.

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the shortest google calendar could reoccur an event is 1 day

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ohhhhhh, I didn't download the app itself but it makes me search cuckoo in f-droid, and what do you know there is one

https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.jmstudios.chibe/ last updated in 2017, wish me luck and thank you

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This could be it, do you know the software's name on f-droid?

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It sorta is a pomodoro, I've been using Pomofocus.io for a while for desktop so I don't lose track of time. Though majority of my time I didn't spend on a desktop so, a mobile app that also less resourceful could be more useful.

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I'll check it out

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They say time is is the most valuable resources. Right now, time feels quicker for me these days and I often lose track of it.

Because of that the app should have the same purposes as an old clock, it plays a little "ding" or a notification every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 1 hour, or as long as I like.

Preferably installable with f-droid, can I have an app recommendation.

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what was the cola ad again?

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Are there Linux Youtubers whose content is targeted not necessarily for those who are deeply interested in linux (even at beginner level) and foss's news, but for those who use linux for daily basis, like for viewer's study or their work?

LIke for example how to use LibreOffice / OpenOffice as Office's suite alternatives, or how to use those networking software you learn on high school but on linux (or linux alternaives), how to game on linux, and they don't use Window Manager but instead use Desktop Environment for the sake of familiarity.

I might be missing out on some people but if there isn't one that already did this type of content I want to consider being that youtuber myself

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I want more people to know about this big release, also to help support and spread Linux without spending a dime. You don't need to change your Desktop Environment or Operating Systems.

Especially if you are a content creator please show the wallpapers for your viewer in the next 1 or 2 or more uploads. The wallpaper can be downloaded on the link below.


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Can you provide pictures?

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oh my god, they're trying to accommodate for screen touch users too, I'm getting windows 8 flashback here

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The only few reason I know so far is software availability, like adobe software, and Microsoft suite. Is there more of major reasons that I missed?

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