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That's the thing that breaks my immersion. I know that 200 years would make the area completely taken over by nature. It would look more like Horizon rather than Fallout. Not sure I'd dig trenches or anything, but radiation would be much more minimal. Nukes would also have a limited area, so the cities would die, but farmers, small towns, and everyone else out in the boonies would survive and rebuild. Hiroshima is a thriving city nowadays, with the building that survived still there

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It doesn't sound wrong, enough that I've probably used that phrase in the past.

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Haven't you played Legend of Zelda? That's the spot you drop a bomb to reveal the secret passage

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Making lots of fake GPS signals, or just pushing lots of power on a GPS frequency.

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I thought it was Roblox

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You shot the dragon without clearance. Smh

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You can't tell me how to have fun.

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Skill issue

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Lines 1-3 from the overhead

Line 4 667 feet and climbing Large dragon looking thing

Dynamic, your cords

Wizard's marking spell

Friendlies 140 M East

Return to the overhead

North to south run in, Call in with direction, expect clearance on final

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That's how you measure the Department of the Boat People specifically

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An anti radiation missile that targets passive systems

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