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It's alive!

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Maybe try changing the Wi-Fi band ("Wi-Fi Hotspot" -> "Speed and compatibility" menu)? Check also if you get the same slow internet with USB tethering.

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That's one of the annoying parts of the stock OS (unless you can ignore the search bar), it's an unremovable part of the default Pixel launcher. To get rid of it you'd have to install a 3rd-party launcher, or just install GrapheneOS 👀


Some of the leaked marketing shots:


The ad shows Google’s new mid-range device in blue and off-white color variants, and it’s abundantly clear that it is the Pixel 8a. For one, the device in question has two cameras and a blue color, something the standard Pixel 8 wouldn’t fit. It’s also lacking a microphone near the cameras.

The ad in question:


In case some of you want to take pictures tomorrow 😁

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nothing but rumors right now but here they seem to expect something between $500 and $549:

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Have you tried contacting the manufacturer of your hearing aids? It's worth a shot and you don't have much to lose, + they're probably not even aware that there's an issue with them.

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Do you still have that issue? I have Pixel Buds A and I haven't had any problem with my ear buds on GrapheneOS.

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Out of curiosity, which one did you get?

But yeah, a case is definitely the first must-buy (went case-free for years, changed my mind recently as I dropped my P7a on concrete for the third time 🙃). No MagSafe ring for mine, but I got a Ringke Onyx case. It's pretty cheap, looks great and even makes your phone much more pleasant to hold.


From the release notes, it provides the following fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused a device to crash or restart unexpectedly.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused a device to crash or restart unexpectedly while updating apps after the device was flashed.
  • Fixed issues that caused a device to display a blank, black screen after booting from flash.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a device to crash and display a blank, black screen after switching to a secondary user.
  • Fixed issues when always-on display mode was enabled that interfered with the "Double tap to wake" gesture and prevented the device from unlocking if the user tried to use their fingerprint to unlock the device.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused battery information to not display correctly in the system settings, status bar, and on the lock screen.
  • Fixed issues that prevented device-to-device transfers and backup and restore from working.
  • Fixed various issues that were impacting system stability, performance, and camera.

The new beta targets the following devices:

  • Pixel 5a;
  • Pixel 6 and 6 Pro;
  • Pixel 6a;
  • Pixel 7 and 7 Pro;
  • Pixel 7a;
  • Pixel Fold;
  • Pixel Tablet;
  • Pixel 8 and 8 Pro.
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Or even better, just get a vibrating cock ring.

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In the 2000s we had AdSense. So now we're getting... AISense?


Results look disappointing for the Pixel 8 Pro in this test as it lands last for battery life and does a bit better than the iPhone 15 Pro Max in terms of charging speed.

About how they perform their battery life test:

This is done by using a light meter to calibrate their displays to 150 nits, then running a script that simulates web surfing over 5G cellular connectivity. This is done until their batteries are depleted.

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Whenever I get lazy I just throw some seasoned chicken drumsticks in my airfryer and then add some Uncle Ben's rice. Almost 0 effort.

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This reminds me of this Cyanide and Happiness short:

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There's also group C which I was part of, you just say that you just pooped or scratch your butt whenever they ask you to load/unload and they'll immediately offer to do that for you instead.

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