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A Texas federal judge on Monday dismissed a lawsuit challenging the Biden administration’s Medicare drug price negotiations filed by the pharmaceutical industry lobbying group PhRMA.

The decision marks a small victory for the Biden administration, as it’s the first time a court has outright dismissed a challenge to Medicare’s new price negotiation powers.

There are eight other lawsuits filed by drug companies and other plaintiffs, and the legal fight could stretch for years. The federal government sent out its initial offer to drug companies earlier this month, and while the negotiations will end in August, the prices won’t take effect until 2026.

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Friendly reminder to check https://costplusdrugs.com/ before taking a prescription through your health insurance :)

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Amazon Pharmacy too. And if you have Prime you can sign up for RxPass for $5 per month and get free refills of 50 commonly prescribed medicines

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I disagree with anything in support of amazon_dot_com

However, if that is the only way, I'm not holding you back since... big pharma is absolute trash, but so is amazon.

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