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They're still giving the Netherlands 7 days to quickly ship as many parts as possible instead of completely blocking all shipments directly. And the government can probably still overrule this. Would have liked to see a more direct blockade but great news nonetheless.

The sanctions are starting.

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But but but Israel is a democracy. 🤪

Well done Netherlands. Israel is a terrorist state, no better than Iran or Russia. Why do we keep protecting them?

[-] [email protected] 38 points 4 months ago

Being a democracy has nothing to do with committing war crimes.

[-] [email protected] 11 points 4 months ago

Yes, this is one of the foundational lies about Israel for western nations: that it is bringing "democracy" to the Middle East. The orientalism of the region by the West is baked into the assertion.

[-] [email protected] 8 points 4 months ago* (last edited 4 months ago)

It's just like plain old "bringing civilization to the savages" kind of racism.

Racism also explains why the elites of a lot of Western nations had markedly different reactions to the Ukranians being attacked by the Russians compared to the Palestinians being attacked by the Israelis: Ukranians are seen as "people like us" whilst Palestinians are seen as "muslims" whilst it's the Israelis that are "people like us" (an image they spent a lot of time and money cultivating in the West).

You can almost see the little racist mental wheels turning around in the minds of some Western politicians who use the "anti-semitism" accusation to try and bat away criticism of the actions of Israel: even if Israel did represent all Jews (which many, many Jews will tell you it does not), only a profoundly racist person would think that a country representing a specific etnicity makes acts which would be unacceptable if done by others be acceptable because of the etnicity of those who did them.

If there is one thing this has really made sharply clear in a lot of nations in the West is that our leaders deep down are racists and hypocrites who talk a good talk when it suits them whilst having no humanist principles at all.

(Kudos for the ones in Spain and Republic Of Ireland who have shown themselves as being made of a different cloth)

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I made a post 5 minutes before this one, an NOS translate, and it was not published?

Well, here's the content of my source https://nos.nl/artikel/2508537-gerechtshof-nederland-moet-stoppen-met-uitvoer-van-f-35-onderdelen-naar-israel

The most important part for me was the last paragraph, in bold.

The Netherlands must stop exporting F-35 parts to Israel. The court in The Hague decided this on appeal. Deliveries must be stopped within seven days of the court's ruling.

"Israel does not sufficiently take into account the consequences for the civilian population when conducting its attacks," the judges wrote. "The court finds that there is a clear risk that serious violations of the humanitarian law of war will be committed in the Gaza Strip with Israel's F-35 fighter planes."

Oxfam Novib, Pax Nederland and The Rights Forum had taken the Dutch State to court to stop the export. They believe the export of the F-35 parts violates the laws of war, because the Netherlands knows that the fighter planes are used for attacks on the Gaza Strip. Undeniable risk

Previously, the judge in The Hague ruled that deliveries could continue. The court now rules differently. Unlike the lower court, the Court does not find that the government's position "that the situation in Gaza is too complex to establish that Israel is seriously violating international humanitarian law."

"The fact that a definitive legal judgment cannot be given at this time on the question of whether Israel is seriously violating international humanitarian law is self-evident," the judge continued. "The court does not give that judgment either. But that is not the point in this case. The only point in this case is whether there is a clear risk that the F-35 parts exported to Israel will be used in the commission of serious crimes. violations of humanitarian law. The court finds that it is undeniable that this is a clear risk."

ps, translated with Google Translate

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You might need to select language properly in account setting. I was having same issue yesterday.

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The post under the post with the image is yours.

Try a different client if you can. I'm using Voyager.

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I'll try Voyager, still noobing around but I'll get there.


edit: nope. nothing. Ah well, new app to play with.

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If switching client doesn't help the other thing to consider is federation. There were a couple of recent-ish issues related to bugs and instances running different versions of Lemmy. They seem to have cleared up a bit but it's worth remembering when it comes to troubleshooting. Good.luck.

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Ahahahaha, I just blame them then.

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I gotta call it a night. I'm sure a few more people will see this thread and share ideas to help you out. Later!

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