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According to Raven Chaboyer, if people want to drive in or out of Cumberland House, Sask., they're doing so at their own risk. Now, the community that is already running low on groceries and supplies could remain isolated for another week due to the rains in forecast.

"The roads are mushy and muddy. The trucks get stuck all the time. There's no cell service on that road, so if you get stuck, you're stuck there," the 17-year-old said.

Highway 123 is the road the community relies on when food, mail or fuel is transported in, and it's the road emergency services must travel to help those in need. If it isn't passable, then the community is essentially cut off from the rest of the province.

"Where is Scott Moe driving up and down our highway? This should not be happening in 2024. It's absolutely horrible," she said. "It's not a highway. It's a trail with mud."

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I was driving in this area on Thursday. Definitely wouldn't recommend anything other than a truck or Subaru. Had a full inch of mud in the wheels when I got home.

And of course, as soon as you cross the MB border, nice, reasonably well maintained pavement.

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Scott Moe, the scum of Saskatchewan.

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This is the best summary I could come up with:

While no food deliveries are anticipated this week, in the past fortnight, Laura said, the community had to send 13 pickup trucks out the 92 kilometres to meet the freight.

"Residents who rely on dialysis up to three times a week must leave the community for care but struggle with unreliable road conditions," the petition read.

"Given the fact Highway 123, which is 70 kilometres long, is located in the north, partly on the Canadian Shield and the Saskatchewan River delta, costs could quadruple due to engineering challenges," the ministry had then said.

"The ministry will work with trucking companies to ensure food, fuel and other key supplies can reach Cumberland House," the statement said.

During this construction season, the ministry said it plans to invest $3.3 million to improve Highway 123 south of Cumberland House by rebuilding a total of about four kilometres of the road with gravel.

The ministry said it already invested $4.3 million in 2019 to raise the grade of the road and widen it, from Cumberland House to 32 kilometres south.

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