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I’ve been watching the Rugby Cup Final this evening and fuming. They have this fancy new traveling side camera and they can’t help but use it. STOP IT!!! You are making everybody seasick. Which made me think, might you good people have examples of when somebody badly overplayed their new toy? On a completely unrelated note, do we already have a community for rants?

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Not from the UK, but in the US, they were using this extremely shallow depth of lens on some of their cameras for football games. Made it feel like a video game or a heavy tiktok filter.

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Any first person game that has lens flare.
Eyes dont have lens flare. Cameras do. Cinematic cutscenes, thats fine. 3rd person cameras, thats fine - if it isnt over done. Hell, even some super bright thing in first person, where lens flare is used as a cinematic effect to show it is seriously fucking bright, that can be fine.
But generally speaking, lens flare is overused in video games. Pretty sure it was BF3 that took it from "huh, we can do lens flare" to "lens flare indiscriminatly"

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Eyes dont have lens flare

Me, with astigmatism: I'm gonna have to disagree on that one.

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I was going to say lens flare in films. You can always tell what stage someone is at when learning Photoshop as they still love using the filter and, to my mind, it just reeks of amateur hour when used in films and TV shows.

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I can understand it in film CGI and sets/post, as its hard to avoid when actually outside.
Lens flare is a product of multiple lenses and the aperture. And most of the time shots are set up to reduce it (more expensive lenses, matt boxes etc).
When overcooked in a movie it ends up looking amateur AF. Either the shot wasnt set up correctly, or someone has over-egged it in post-production.
I have rarely seen a pronounced lens flare that makes sense in a movie.

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The classic is a sci-fi movie - the spaceship turns up at a new planet and you get a sweeping view with lens flares obscuring the carefully modelled view.

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I remember a line from 'Halt And Catch Fire.' They said that you can tell when someone has gotten a new printer. All their communications look like ransom notes.

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