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Edit: Blocked the author's name, because it's not my tumblr. I didn't expect so many people to misinterpret it and respond in this way.

Edit 2: This is not from the same author, but it's a reply to them. I think it might help clarify the post for those that are confused:

I normally don't worry about usernames on tumblr, but since there've been some really out-of-pocket misconceptions in the thread, I don't want anyone to harass them.

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Also reminder that early western support for Zionism was born out of a desire to have a place to "dump" their jews, as a "peaceful" solution to "the jewish question"

And that therefore saying that being anti-zionism is in any way antisemitic is every manner of ridiculous when in reality zionism is in-and-of-itself an antisemitic movement.

Edit: I would also like to add that people here are conflating "simple" with "easy" when these are two separate things.

This situation is not easy. The solution is in fact nigh-on impossible to do. But there is no moral ambiguity here over what would be the right thing to do, and to pretend there is is to believe propaganda -- That means it is also incredibly simple despite being close to impossible.

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I think “western support” is an entirely too charitable interpretation of history. The British are fairly directly responsible for the current day conflict. They promised the Arab groups of the region, including the Palestinians, during WWI that if they revolted against the Ottomans they’d support an independent region. The Arab’s revolted in 1916, only for the British and French to invade to “drive the ottoman’s out” but decided to carve the region up for themselves instead. Then the Balfour Declaration of 1917 where the British promised Palestine to the Jewish people. Then the Mandatory Palestine period of 1920-1948 where the British emigrated jews en masse to the region. The first british High Commissioner of Mandatory Palestine was a Jewish Zionist. The Palestinians revolted from 1936-1939, wanting independence and an end to open-ended Jewish immigration to the region. The British Army violently suppressed it.

By one estimate, ten percent of the adult male Palestinian Arab population between 20 and 60 was killed, wounded, imprisoned or exiled.

I have no fucking idea what the original poster meant about “Zionists invaded Palestine in 1947-48” either. They’d been invading for the prior 30 years at that point, with the help of the British. The first clash between Palestinians and Jews happened in 1920 at the Battle of Tel Hai.

The British have so much blood on their hands here. In 1946 they basically said “We don’t want to be in charge of this anymore” and shrugged their shoulders. They got the US to help, who pushed that 100k more Jewish immigrants be re-settled there. They are directly responsible for the forming of the Israeli state. The British just declared that the Mandate for Palestine would end one day and they had no responsibility from that date. They literally retreated from the country during the outbreak of a civil war.

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This is also an important point, yes!

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