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[-] [email protected] 26 points 2 months ago

Is it still "disputed" if absolutely nobody else thinks it's Chinese? if I claim the Grand Canyon is mine, does it make it the Disputed Canyon?

[-] [email protected] 6 points 2 months ago

if I claim the Grand Canyon is mine, does it make it the Disputed Canyon?

Yes, you absolutely can lay claim on it - If you have power to do that. You power is the law, sad but true.

[-] [email protected] -5 points 2 months ago

Thats only Chinas and Russias stance. Unfortunately the UN has no power at all.

[-] [email protected] 5 points 2 months ago

If you think of only Russia and China, you might want to reread the history books. Anyway, in this modern time, the UN has no power simply because it's a tool of the superpowers.

[-] [email protected] 0 points 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago)

I just checked: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annexation

Since the end of the cold war (1991), only China, Russia and Norway annexed territory. Norway's annexed parts didn't belong to any other state, though. And you can debate if Israel is currently annexing the Gaza strip, but on paper it was Israeli already.

So yes, its Russias and Chinas stance.

[-] [email protected] 2 points 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago)

Not sure why you only include annexation after the cold war. We don't even touch specifically on the Europe issues. ~~It~~ If that's so, why do you include China into the equation?

Anyway, I thought the post is about Disputed Territory. That's a whole different matter with regards to annexation if you consider geopolitical perspective.

By the way let say I go along with your train of thought: if we simplify the timeline to after the UN has been founded, the post you link does not only discuss about annexation by Israel but also Morocco, Russia, Eritrea, China, Indonesia, India and some other countries - if you even read the article. So yes not just Russia and China.

Anyway, there's one topic that you might want to read more in addition to world history: It is called confirmation bias. Have fun.

-edited typos and for clarity-

[-] [email protected] 18 points 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago)

As long as you can park a few crewed navy ships in the middle, yes, yes it does.

*Might makes right" is fucked and has never, ever gone out of style. We got fancy and hid it behind this thing called "money" mostly, but sometimes it still just looks like big deadly sharp things.

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