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Nah, micro is the superior option! 😜

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Is it still "disputed" if absolutely nobody else thinks it's Chinese? if I claim the Grand Canyon is mine, does it make it the Disputed Canyon?

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she saw the photographer and she's trying to hold him back from sucker-punching an Amazon warehouse worker he's just spotted

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I understand that from a party perspective, it helps the "I'm not racist I have black friends" narrative.

But from the black friend's perspective I'm not sure I get it. Is Doctor Reddy trying to "change things from the inside"? Does he see a demand that he can exploit to get visibility and votes? Does he align so strongly with Republican views on, say, economics that he's willing to overlook the views on diversity programs?

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"see this chart here? We lose money for every subscriber! We'll never make any money until we get rid of all of theml"

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there's an old joke about this:

man goes to doctor saying "I keep farting, doc; my farts aren't smelly and luckily they are also silent but I am worried because I fart all day long. Even now, as I was talking to you, I kept farting the whole time".

"I see", says the doctor. "I will prescribe you this pill, to be taken twice a day for a week".

"And will that help with the farting?"

"No, but it should help you with your sense of smell. Then come to see me after one week and we'll try to fix your hearing"

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I have posted this on Reddit (askeconomics) a while back but got no good replies. Copying it here because I don't want to send traffic to Reddit.

What do you think?

I see a big push to take employees back to the office. I personally don't mind either working remote or in the office, but I think big companies tend to think rationally in terms of cost/benefit and I haven't seen a convincing explanation yet of why they are so keen to have everyone back.

If remote work was just as productive as in-person, a remote-only company could use it to be more efficient than their work-in-office competitors, so I assume there's no conclusive evidence that this is the case. But I haven't seen conclusive evidence of the contrary either, and I think employers would have good reason to trumpet any findings at least internally to their employees ("we've seen KPI so-and-so drop with everyone working from home" or "project X was severely delayed by lack of in-person coordination" wouldn't make everyone happy to return in presence, but at least it would make a good argument for a manager to explain to their team)

Instead, all I keep hearing is inspirational wish-wash like "we value the power of working together". Which is fine, but why are we valuing it more than the cost of office space?

On the side of employees, I often see arguments like "these companies made a big investment in offices and now they don't want to look stupid by leaving them empty". But all these large companies have spent billions to acquire smaller companies/products and dropped them without a second thought. I can't believe the same companies would now be so sentimentally attached to office buildings if it made any economic sense to close them.


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