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Some quotes from the article:

For Control 2 and codename Condor, all publishing, distribution, marketing, and other rights licensed to 505 Games revert to Remedy with immediate effect. 505 Games will continue as the publisher of Control through a transition period ending December 31, 2024

The maximum purchase price for the transaction is approximately EUR 17 million

This transaction will enable us to negotiate better deals for current and future Control games. We can now weigh up the options between self-publishing and a new publishing partner for Condor and Control 2. At the same time, we are in a better negotiating position than before as Control is an established brand and Alan Wake 2 has been successful.

Control [...] has sold over 4 million units

Condor and Control 2 have both progressed well in recent months and we expect these projects to reach their next development stages during the first half of 2024.

*Condor is the codename for a co-op multiplayer Control game.

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They probably should be able to. They no doubt got compensated in some way for each game played.

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Epic pays flat fees, not per download or play. The latter two would be too risky and could be manipulated, whereas flat fees are safe and predictable. For a title as large as Control, they probably handed over to a few millions - or in other words, perhaps a couple of hours worth of Fortnite revenue.

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I was thinking Sony. Played it on PS4. I wonder if it they do it in a similar way.

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