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I sympathize with you. I didn't grow up catholic, but rather evangelical, but I can understand the realization that the people who taught you to love others have an ideology that is profoundly hateful. I remember the bewilderment and confusion that goes along with that realization. I didn't leave the faith altogether, although at times it felt like I would, but I'm in a dramatically different place than I was a decade ago for sure.

All that to say that I understand at least a little of what you're going through, and I'm sorry you're grappling with this. It helped me to realize that there are believers out there that think differently, and that the transphobes, homophobes, racists, and reactionaries don't own the faith.

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Hi @FfaerieOxide. Beehaw has one rule: Be(e) Nice. This kind of personal attack isn't really in the spirit of Beehaw, and I'd like to ask you to please reconsider how you interact with users on this instance. You can disagree with someone without being insulting or demeaning.

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I don't think that's necessary, just something to keep in mind going forward.

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It's a CYA thing for copyright infringement. Linking is fine, but hosting (we think) puts us on shakier legal ground, at least from what I understand.

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Hi @[email protected], we're starting to ask users not to paste full articles in the description or comments, there have been some concerns about this practice and we just want to try and head it off. I have no issues at all with linking to one of the several archive sites that will allow users to bypass paywalls, though.

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Hey folks. I just want to check in with the community about a post that was recently removed. My intention is absolutely not to create drama or stir anything up, but I'd like to make sure you all understand my reasoning for removing the post. Also, I'm aware that I'm not as good at articulating these kinds of things as some of our folks, so don't expect a classic Beehaw philosophy post here.

The post in questions was a link to a twitter thread providing evidence of the IRL identity of "comic" "artist" stonetoss, who is unquestionably a huge piece of shit and a neo-nazi, or at least something so indistinguishable from one that the difference is meaningless.

The post provoked some discussion in the Mod chat and several of us, myself included, were on the fence about it. I understand that there are arguments both for and against naming and calling out people like stonetoss. I find arguments in both directions somewhat convincing, but ultimately the thing that a number of us expressed was that the act of calling someone like this out and potentially exposing them to harassment or real-world consequences for their views might be morally defensible, it didn't feel like Beehaw was the right place for it. We really want Beehaw to be a place that is constructive and kind, and that this type of doxxing/callout didn't seem to fit our vision what what we want Beehaw to be. At the same time, we're all very conscious that it would be easy for this kind of thinking to lead to tone policing and respectability politics, and that is also something we want to be careful to avoid. All this to say that I made what I think was the best decision in the moment for the overall health of !politics as a community, as I saw it.

On a personal note, I find that our Politics community is one of the communities that is most prone to falling into some of the traps that Beehaw was created to avoid. That's very understandable - politics are something that cause real and immediate harm and stress in a lot of folks' lives; they're complicated, contentious, and often make us feel powerless. I'd like to remind folks as we move into the general election season in the US, though, to remember the founding principles of Beehaw when discussing these topics, no matter how stressful they may be: remember the human, assume good faith in others, and above all, be(e) nice.



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I'm sorry that happened to you, it sounds like it was a rough time. This is something I think about with my kids, who are a few years younger than you were when this happened. We don't give them un-monitored access to social media precisely because I know that kids that age lack the impulse control to just walk away when something like this happens or something is bothering them, so it's so easy for a teen to get pulled into a situation online where they're being harassed or bullied and they just don't have the tools to disconnect from the situation on their own.

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We've started asking users not to do this. No issues with posting an archive link, though.

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There have been some questions about the quality of the source posted in this topic - Mediabiasfactcheck.com has them at a "Poor" factual reporting level. There are, however, a few more reliable sources reporting on this, such as this article in the New Republic

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I wasn't going to comment on this because I've been in a monogamous relationship for 15 years at this point, but one thing I noticed in the comments is really interesting to me.

Pretty much everybody is saying they know they're attracted to someone physically/sexually right away, and that was not my experience when I was dating regularly. Maybe I'm odd, but I always found that most of the time I would get to know a person first and then I would start to notice things about them that I found attractive and kind of mold my way of thinking and looking at them around those things that I was attracted to in them. Sure, there were exceptions, there are people out there where I was just like - damn everything about that person is hot (my wife being one of those) - but I dated women with a wide variety of physical features and really the only commonality was that I liked being around them. The physical stuff was secondary (although still important) for me.

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It isn't, but I think this probably fits. Enshittification is when a company provides useful, good services to gain users, then once those users are locked in they start degrading those service or removing features to cut costs, right? That seems like a pretty close analogy to what's going on here, I'd think.

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Better than last week, so far. I made a decision earlier in the week to try something that I've been wanted to do and pitched a cowriting project to my sister, who was really enthusiastic about the idea. We've both struggled to write in the past, I think we both have a hard time getting stuck on details. I feel like there's a real chance that having a writing partner will help us both push through those times when we get stuck on a word or phrase or detail, because we tend to obsess about different things.

Also, she's better at punctuation than me, which is good because my approach to commas is usually just to sort of sprinkle them liberally wherever I would naturally pause. I know that isn't right but so far it's a habit I haven't been able to break.

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