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I head up a small community for fans of a niche indie brand. The founder is doing an event in Japan with an exclusive item for people who attend! I was so excited and was looking into booking a plane ticket to go!

However.. turns out that Japan has a law that absolutely forbids stimulant medication in the country. And, no, I don't really want to upend my regimen of 8 years and risk going on a new medication for the trip.

I'm really shattered, as I wanted to attend this cool event and meet up with other enthusiasts. It really hurts to be barred from an opportunity like this.

I hate ADHD. I really do.

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I went to Tokyo 6 months ago and took a bottle of Vyvanse with me.

You need to clear it with the authorities before you head over. You'll need your doctor to write a letter. It can be done though.

... Or just get hooked on $1.50 cans of coffee boss instead.

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