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Apple's next generation CarPlay allows auto manufacturers to license the OS | Don't look now but Apple is back to licensing an operating system after decades::undefined

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Hot take, most car UIs are designed by manufacturers that have very little expertise in software design and development, or they’re often farmed out to companies like Harman.

I’m all for manufacturers partnering with good software companies instead.

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Google already has a head start doing this exact thing with Android Automotive preinstalled as the vehicle’s core OS.

IMHO, I’m fine with it as long these operating systems allow integration with the projection systems made by their competitors. Google is doing that, I hope Apple does the same.

Example, if you own a Volvo or Polestar with Android Automotive, you can project CarPlay to it.

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While two is better than one, I really hope the car OS market isn't dominated by car company offerings plus just apple and google. The last two might be leagues ahead of the car companies for UI and UX, but don't otherwise inspire much faith. Apple is the direct opposite of open and google doesn't inspire much trust or faith, especially when they feel secure in a market, like with chrome.

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Agreed. Although infotainment solutions from smaller, or less gigantic, 3rd parties has been the norm for years. I had some connections to that space for a while, and I would often see large automakers forcing their software vendor into stupid constraints, or automakers accepting terrible software experiences as long as they checked off a list of requested features.

The legacy automakers have really struggled to make good and stable user experiences. They either don’t care, or want to care, but don’t have the internal expertise to hire a good software engineering and UX team.

Not saying it can’t be done, but I’m kind of glad someone is moving the UX ball down the court right now.

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