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Since some time I've searched photos related apps, to edit and take pictures but I've not found anything interesting in open source... Does someone has an explaination?

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It’s the same UX. Not sure how one would be less easy to use than the other just for different nomenclature & things being in slightly different locations.

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It's very different. They used to be similar years ago, but now darkroom is its own thing.

Scene referred processing, parametric masks and many other modules that have no equivalent in Light room.

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They don’t have to be exact. They follow the same design language for editing & you can do professional photo work in either.. it took me a couple of weeks to get comfortable in darkroom, but this was over a decade ago.

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Well yes, you can do professional photo work in either, but darktable is not as easy to use. Masking in darktable for example, is incredibly configurable and powerful, but it's also quite technical, and nothing at all like the AI driven object detection masking that Lightroom uses.

The ability to overlay masks to add or subtract from each other on a per module basis isn't something that Lightroom does, so working out how to make the most of it in darktable is a process.

The scene referred pipeline workflow changes the way many of the modules work compared to similar functionality in Lightroom, and scene referred worklows in general is not the way most photo editing and management software works, so it's a whole process to learn as well.

I'm finding darktable better and more powerful than Lightroom, but it is absolutely harder to use, and takes time and patience to understand.

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