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Anyone care to share their experiences with SUSE Enterprise Linux, or with the container focused OpenSUSE MicroOS? Looking to play around with it since it looks a lot more straightforward compared to RHEL (Red Hat looks great, just having trou_understanding their offerings as they have a ton) and hoped some folks knew a thing or two...

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what was the difference for those of us who dont know, like andrew over here ๐Ÿ˜‚

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basic windows... does that entail windows N by any chance?

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nice, any downsides or issues a yubikey user looking to buy nitrokeys might face?

also: ty for the good work!!

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woaw that's pretty cool huh

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portable?? can you share an example of what you mean, this monkey brain is having trouble unserstanding

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trying to, still need my old ios device somwtimes

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maybe vdo.ninja? it uses webrtc and has not given me performance issues thus far

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controlled opposition lenin quote

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they are controlled opposition in my opinion, if you follow the money (i.e. financed primarily by google to my knowledge) and look at their current diversification in service offerings they appear to be 'privacy-washed' or 'ethics-washed' (for lack of a better term, the equiv. of greenwashing or pinkwashing for tech corps to appear ethical or progressive) with a push to appear as a feature-complete 'privacy respecting' alternative to google.

in my opinion proton is doing the same thing, esp atm with their push towards non-profit status. openai (which is obviously not open in any sense od the word in the industry they operate in) is also i believe governed by a non-profit entity... or at least the for-profit part of their company is.

non-profit status with larger organizations i think like any other large organization is not worth taking at face value, but idk someone here prob has a better handle on it than i do...

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im almost convinced mozilla and by extension firefox is controlled opposition


Hello comrades, I read a comment on a post either on lemmygrad or hexbear talking about how most discourse happening was of poor quality and indicative of a lack of genuine leftist groups in the imperial core. Basically if there were patty's with some teeth they would enforce party discipline and education and that would lead to higher quality discourse online.

I also read some of Lenins2ndcat's comments which were very patient when they were interacting with users from other communities.

Is there anyway to work on like, an online party discipline? Or like having users who are very good at discussing with libs have a more concerted approach to their interactions? It really seems that much of us are often too aggressive and meme-y and as fun as that is it really isn't productive.

I get that this isn't how praxis or anything happens, it seems more like the way we engage could be more productive and fruitful in the long term and considerations like this might go a long way.

TL;DR Planned economy but for memeposting

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