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  1. Wallabag, yes i selfhost it and use it every day!
  2. Gelli, didn't realise that, i guess it does everything it has to do for me, no complaints or bugs that i know of :)
  3. Ntfy, i use it exclusively for my selfhosted apps, but i can imagine broader usage. But still i would file it under selfhosting ;)
  4. Linkdy, hmm, you're making me second guess the app
  5. LT, shame, it's really good. But I understand
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Ok, here's my contribution


Wallabag - Save and classify articles, read them later, freely


Gelli - Native music player for Jellyfin


Ntfy - Send notifications to your phone from any script using PUT/POST requests


Clipious - Client for Invidious, the privacy focused YouTube front end.


Linkdy - Linkdy is a Linkding client sorry, google play, no ads, has github page



Language learning

Language transfer - great language resource, sorry google play, but no ads, has github page



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Nice! Thanks a lot, found some I hadn't heard of before

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Nothing to contribute that has already been said, but very interested in your blog as well!

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I went with the suggested mount as webdav, and this works out fine for me, thanks

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This is indeed what i settled for now, thanks

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You could try code-server? I use it daily to edit my markdown files.


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Thanks, I went with the suggested webdav route, this is fine for now.

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I hadn't thought of the database issue, thanks! I am afraid though that changing the ownership of the folder might break things though? Love the --reference option by the way

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Thanks for the explanation. Would that break nextcloud if i changed the owner of the folder?

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That may well be a better idea, thanks. But one of the things i would like to do, besides view the contents of the folder, is rsync the directory to another storage, which brings up the permissions issue again

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I remember a time when you could be a paper magazine every other week with curated lists of link on various topics. There were ads, but just paper ads :)


So, i have a NextCloud instance running, with the data directory binded to a folder on my storage. Now, when ik want to list or edit the contents of this folder directly from Nautilus or the terminal, I get a permission denied message. Obviously i do not have sufficent rights. How do i give myself permissions to at least view the contents of the folder? Maybe this is basis linux stuff, I have just not touched this before, and I don't want to modify this folder or break my NextCloud ;)

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