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as shown by the last years, it really stopped fascism from happening, right

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yes please!

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considering a minority even cares, this is enough to build fascism, and they are.

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if 40 to 50 million people watched some series you can say its pretty popular. its more than enough to build fascism, thats for sure.

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i was under the assumption an ar15 would explode something like a rabbit without useable trace?

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its good that they are doing good things for the industry.

its bad that only they can/will.

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the last season was kinda meh, but its generally pretty good still until then

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basically an episode that plays into that idea of cloning someone's consciousness into your own personal hell

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also when did genocide become "boring and safe"

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everybody flocked to Biden because Trump is batshit crazy.

this is kind of an overstatement though, right?

fascism is pretty popular rn.


Title. If so how? I have tried some of the solutions floating around Proton DB, but can never get around the weird latency issue.

I'm running Ubuntu 23.04, PipeWire, kernel 6.2 and Lutris Flatpak.

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