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*The encrabening

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My theory is that this game has been built up for so long that the entire company is riding on this, yet there is no way that this game can ever hit the needed expectations to make it worth it in the eyes of investors. So I think GTA 6 is going to sink the company because they out capitalismed themselves.

Which is why they've been dragging their feet on releasing it.

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Jaws the movie is much better than the book. None of the characters in the book are remotely likeable.

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"Mage: The Ascension" be like

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The Galaxy S5 was the last of the mainline series to have a removable battery, and was thinner than the S9 which came out four years later. It also had a pretty good water resistance rating.

Any "downsides" to a replaceable battery are a myth.

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There's also no reason they would think that we had claws.

This is baseless furry propaganda.

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You're working way too hard. I just make my kid where shirts that clearly say "I'm ugly" and encourage the neighborhood's kids and his classmates to throw eggs and rotten tomatoes at them.

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Presumably, they'd do the same thing at night.

But in that case, we'd need to be sure that they aren't using the North Star.

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Sex as a whole should be demystified as a culture. I'm sure most people got into porn in general out of curiosity and the taboo nature of it certainly only makes it more enticing.

What we need is sex education that is so comprehensive/ in depth that it's mind numbingly boring.

Make them memorize the PH value of the uterus and how they affect the alkili levels of the spermatosa.

Just bog them down with the details and then they will give so much less of a shit about sex/porn in general.

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I think most people here are all for that, but if Trump is president, it's going to get so much worse.

Voting in a two party system is a raw deal, but it's the only deal we have.

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