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I'm not sure how soon you need this, but if you can wait sipeed has a $20 kvm with ATX control that should be out soon https://lunar.computer/news/sipeed-announces-new-20-risc-v-kvm-device/

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There's an interesting book I read recently related to this called The Anxious Generation: how the Great Rewiring of Childhood is Causing an Epidemic of Mental Illness. I'd recommend it.

As a counterpoint, EFF put out this article today: The Surgeon General's Fear-Mongering, Unconstitutional Effort to Label Social Media

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This is the part of the new compose file that I don't understand:

PICTRS__OLD_REPO__PATH=/mnt/sled-repo PICTRS__REPO__TYPE=postgres PICTRS__REPO__URL=postgres://user:password@host:5432/db

When I try to add it, pictrs complains about not being able to connect to postgres, even though the credentials are correct and I've already run the postgres migration script. Did you not do this part when you upgraded?

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Anyone care to share their docker compose file for the upgrade? Or at least the pictrs portion? I've upgraded and migrated postgres to 16, but am having issues with the pictrs part.

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What will you be doing with your server?

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I am using Kinoite for quite a while now and not once did layering break anything.

That's great for you. Not everyone may use their distro in the same way as you.

https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/is-silverblue-rpm-ostree-intended-to-be-used-with-layered-packages/26162/2 https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/fedora-silverblue-36-will-not-succesfully-deploy-after-layering-packages/77502/3 https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-software/-/issues/991 https://github.com/coreos/rpm-ostree/issues/4280

Not to mention the whole Firefox debacle of including an outdated borked version based with the system install instead of just moving to Flatpak install of most recent stable release. There's a very valid reason why package layering is discouraged by atomic maintainers and why toolbox is there by default as part of OS. And don't even get me started on DKMS and driver installation.

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So, the points in favor of Kinoite is sticking closer to upstream, however it seems like I would need to layer quite a few packages. My understanding is that this is discouraged in an rpm-ostree setup, particularly due to update time and possible mismatches with RPMFusion

It's not only discouraged but often times it's system breaking. I used Kinoite for a year before I just became too frustrated and gave up. The first thing I learned though was to stay away from package layering because it tended to break things more often than not. Basically if you can't find or build a flatpak and you don't want to use toolbox all the time, just stick with workstation. Immutable is great when deploying to multiple servers or locked-down corporate workstations, but it makes no sense for your personal setup especially if you're already familiar with Linux.

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Even more shocking is the revelation that somehow, even private DMs from Mastodon were mirrored on their public site and searchable. How this is even possible is beyond me, as DM’s are ostensibly only between two parties, and the message itself was sent from two hackers.town users.

I find this hard to believe but stranger things have happened.

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They sell microplates that you can use as well if you are having trouble progressing with standard plates. Also, working out to failure on the last set and doing a drop set to failure with a lighter weight are ways to progress.

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Hegel has often been described as a brilliant philosopher and mind yet terrible communicator/writer so you're not alone. There's some great videos out there that helped to clarify Hegel's points that I would recommend seeking out. Heidegger is very similar in his writing style as far as density and obscurity. It took me a long time reading and re-reading Being and Time to make sense of it.

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Hmmm, are you doing progressive overload and logging your workouts?

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You listed your current stats, but what were your starting stats? I bet they were a lot different. You should be competing with yourself, not others.

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Not every room or space will be hosted by someone self-hosting their server. I find it kind of appalling that this would be the solution. It’s certainly not what I’ve heard from people working on projects around moderation.

This is somewhat the goal, but without the hyperbole. Homeservers will be hosted by individuals or orgs, but will contain many rooms and spaces each. In 2020 there were over 20,000 homeservers. That number has without a doubt grown exponentially. The concept is the same with Mastodon. If you are worried about moderation on the matrix.org homeserver there are many lists of public homeservers across the web. Many people research homeservers to see if they are a good fit for them just as they do Mastodon instances.

This blog post gives a good idea of where matrix is heading. Notice their mission of decentralization.

Since agglomeration around a single instance is against the goals of Matrix and its Foundation, users need to have a way out and incentives to move.

We are committed both to making Matrix more accessible, and to doing the work to decenter the Matrix.org homeserver.

Matrix.org is meant to be an entry point, not a stopping point. As to your concern regarding built-in tools, matrix is just a spec, an open source federated communication protocol based on HTTP. The community builds tools. Matrix is not discord. In fact it is in opposition to the discord philosophy of centralization, data mining, advertising, and AI training.

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