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I heard about silent.link but I want to know if I should trust it.

It claims to be an anonymous e-sim provider.

Let's say it is legit and not backdoored by the government and not a honey pot, would the government be able to find out that I own the anonymous e-sim on it if my other sim in my phone is another provider not silent-link. Like how on android you can use a sim for data and a sim for calls.

Also do you guys think the us government will put peoples name on a list from having silentlink?

The whole thing sounds too good to be a true a anonymous e-sim so let me know what you guys the privacy community think.

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What cloud VPS host is the best for privacy and security? I want to self host stuff for myself some tools. Mental Outlaw make a video last year about self hosting your own VPN with a service called Vultr but back in December vultr added to their TOS that they own what you host and a bunch of other scary stuff. So I don't trust Vultr anymore. I don't see recommended vps hosts on privacyguides website. So what do you guys think I should use to self host various things like a VPN, Nextcloud, and so on.


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