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for some reasons, I can’t verify the signature of the files.

I downloaded tail-signing.key from https://tails.net/tails-signing.key

then made a keyring file.

ran gpgv --keyring ./tails.keyring tails-amd64-6.4.img.sig tails-amd64-6.4.img

it gave me error saying using EDDSA key 26D26… Can’t check signature: No public key.

I even tried using the same keyring for 6.3 and it was fine. Only for this version I;m having trouble.

Anyone would please confirm the SHA256SUM if you could verify the signature?

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Do you mean individual 10 second 6 digit codes?

no, the underlying secret

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Tofu is an option but I’m afraid it might not be maintained.

They made an annoucement 2 weeks ago about switching maintainer.



They only support iOS/iPadOS 16.4 or later.. no go for me

TOFU vs 2FAS (lemm.ee)
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Both are interesting choice, which one do you choose?

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What's the deal with Raivo being a subscription-only? I have never seen this screen... screenshot

they just wiped my data without asking.

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I found it really weird too, Microsoft pushing Recall, an AI feature, vs Apple pushing Apple Intelligence, an AI feature.. and only Microsoft got backfired.

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Without VPN the same downloads are much, much faster ofc


I know many people suggested downloading the openvpn or wireguard config file, but I like the convenience of starting the app and connecting to whatever the fastest server is.

But still the current app isn't the best, I hope they will improve soon

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back in March, I saw someone posted about this.. now that few weeks had passed, what was the announcement? Did I miss something?

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I created a new account two days ago, and it's shadowbanned today

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even more rediculous, there is an onion reddit site, but they don't allow you to log in with tor browser.

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-modified the original reddit link to point to a privacy frontend-

Now that the change is in place, there is no more login on old. reddit. com

Reddit is getting worse

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same here. I can't log in with reddit (dot) com. I have to use old reddit - now I can't login at all

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As title, i cannot use reddit (dot) com, it will always says password/username incorrect. I need to use old (dot) reddit (dot) com.


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open-source pdf reader any recommendations?

for iphone and ipad

need bookmark, annotation is optional

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like can you or will you able to meet them in person?

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true, i'm only curious if the secure boot will be supported at the time of release

Closing in on a COSMIC Alpha (blog.system76.com)
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To reproduce this, click Application (or Super + A), Hover over to the Firefox Icon, right click.

there are "New Window" "New private window" and "Open Profile manager"..

the last one wasn't here before the update. can i get rid of it?

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