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Browsing Reddit at work like I've literally done every work day for the last six years, suddenly Reddit won't let me vote. Says my account has been suspended, but all I have to do is reset my password, using the email address I have on file. I don't have one. Can't get the email to reset the password, can't add an email now. I can be logged in but can't vote or comment or post. A 12 year old Reddit account down the drain. The password was unique, 20 characters with upper and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols. Generated by my password manager. No way someone compromised my account. Thanks, Reddit.

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I'm looking for a community where discussion about the Lemmy software itself is discussed. I have a feature request and although I can't see any such request on the Lemmy github, it seems nearly impossible to me that no one has asked for it yet. I want to chat about it with other Lemmy users before determining if I'm way out in left field or not.


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