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Wall Street Journal (paywalled) The digital payments company plans to build an ad sales business around the reams of data it generates from tracking the purchases as well as the broader spending behaviors of millions of consumers who use its services, which include the more socially-enabled Venmo app.

PayPal has hired Mark Grether, who formerly led Uber’s advertising business, to lead the effort as senior vice president and general manager of its newly-created PayPal Ads division.

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I've started using Kagi search. $5/mo for a great search without selling my sh1t.

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I'm now on fixed income but I appreciate FOSS. I usually try to donate, especially if the project accepts bitcoin which I've had for a while so it costs me less. Too bad many projects don't. That includes Wikipedia and they keep asking why I stopped.

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I have noticed that this account often posts inflammatory articles that lack credible supporting evidence. I think I'll add it to my hexbear filter.

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Not condoning, but no different from Russia, Syria, Turkey and probably 20 terrorist governments I can't name in Africa. (Except the Brits apartheid in So. Africa.) It's time for a universal revolution where locals take back their own land and get rid of all big governments eveywhere. Go back to a tribal system.

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I honestly will not put ANY banking app on my phone. There is a risk of getting mugged or murdered for it. I keep a crypto wallet there with abut $50.

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Bc they're all Repiblicans? How much gract did the DA get?


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