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She was never a federal prosecutor. She has never been accused of this kind of "behavior".

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Pretty much right wing think tanks and their RNC contacts. You can start with anyone involved in project 2025.

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I think you mean the mechanics of a teleprompter sitting there since, as I said, there is no evidence whatsoever that it was hit, and eyewitnesses saying it wasn't. Sure, it's possible. The bullet might also have struck a passing bird and it's beak flew into Trump's ear.

I get conspiracy theories that drive towards some desired political ends, but this random bullshit is just dumb. Somebody shot a bullet and as a result Trump has a bloody ear. Why should anyone even care if it hit directly or was a secondary impact? It changes nothing of any relevance.

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There is a photograph that happened to catch the bullet in mid-flight just short of hitting Trump. There has been no credible statements from anyone who would know saying it was from the teleprompter. There isn't even any reporting that the teleprompter was hit. It's just one of a dozen fabricated narratives. If you can't "sleuth" any better than this, you are going to be steamrolled by AI generated propaganda.

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This is based on incorrect early speculation. A bullet nicked his ear directly. Not that it really matters.

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The party of working Americans. /s

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Let me clue you in about something. It's not all about voting. You don't just need the left to vote for your candidates, you need them attending rallies, canvassing, running voter registration drives, making phone calls, and getting their friends to vote. You know, all the shit you don't do. The left will vote for the shitty candidate the Democrats gave us because we always do, but driving down enthusiasm on the left damages all those other things that are critical to winning. That's what you're fucking up

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If Biden loses it will because of this arrogant clueless attitude being pervasive in the Democratic leadership. But sure, go ahead and try again to win an election by berating voters. I'm sure it will work this time!

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Down voting every comment your opponent makes is such a bitch move.

I read what you said. It's nonsense. The impact of your posts on actual leftists and also average voters is what I was addressing.

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  1. Me. Obviously. Since I'm bitching about it.

Yeah, "bitching" is a good description.

  1. After 2016, I'm very wary of ignoring the influence of trolls on discourse.

Did I tell you to ignore it? Your mode of discourse is the problem. What I did say is that it will have the opposite effect of what you are apparently trying to achieve. The more convinced the left is that the Democrats hold them in contempt, the more they will see Democrats and Republicans as two sides of the same coin. You are pushing people away.

For decades it was absolutely true that there was almost no difference between the two parties, each competing to out-neoliberal the other. Biden has inched the Democrats left, and Trump has taken the Republicans full fascist. That's what you should focus on.

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And you think that is evidence of something? The exit polling was crystal clear. Bernie supporters overwhelmingly voted for Hillary in 2016 and for Biden in 2020. Who the fuck cares what online trolls say?

In the case where leftists might say they won't vote for Biden, odds are that they are venting or pushing for a better candidate. When it's Trump or Biden, most will come around unless some idiot causes them to harden their position. That's pretty much the standard human reaction to this kind of post.

If you are really concerned that the left won't show for Biden, there are ways of approaching the topic that aren't designed to alienate. You are far more likely to push people away than convince them to vote for Biden with your tone-deaf chastisements.

You might have fooled yourself that this is about helping Biden win, but that's bullshit. You are scratching an itch to declare your moral and intellectual superiority to the Internet. You don't give a flying fuck about the election, you just want to be smug. If you really cared about the election then you would find a better approach.

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Oh, fuck off with this bullshit. Anyone politically conscious enough to call themselves a leftist is overwhelmingly more likely to cast a Biden vote than pretty much any other group you could carve out.

The left tells centrist morons how to appeal to average Americans. Centrist morons ignore the left. Average Americans stay home on election day. Centrist morons assume it's because they're leftists since the leftists warned them .

It's bad enough the left has to keep voting for establishment goons. It's intolerable that we are the first place they look for a scapegoat when they fall on their fat asses. Hillary lost because of Hillary, and that's on the Democratic establishment and primary voters who nominated an arrogant hag.

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