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Funny thing is, my doctors put my bipolarity front and center. I had to beg them to give me Ritalin. I know I had some sort of ADHD because my father was a Ritalin addict, took it intravenously ( he was a dentist so somehow he could prescribe himself Ritalin. The only reason I can get 2 kinds of Ritalin is, my father used to prescribe it in my prescription pad. This was way before digital prescriptions. They rolled that, and now people like my dad are desperate. My dad himself is six feet under, turns out, you can inject yourself 90 tablets of prime Ritty so much before your body gives up) and so there was a lot of Ritty around at our home, so I sometimes took it and I always felt better. Problem is, I never had any issues sitting down and reading a book, I never had any issues 'paying attention' either. But I cannot see anything through. I jump from one thing to another. So that's why they gave me Ritalin.

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I have a lot of problems greeting people, my great aunt used to mimic my way of saying hi. I would say it in a very, very low tone (English is not my first language, I mean the equivalent). And as for saying goodbye, I despise it. People are telling me 'Yeah I see you around, remain in touch' etc etc, shit people say at the end of a 'social unit' and all I can say is 'goodbye'.

That was when I went outside though. I have not went outside for months -- well this morning I went out to buy cigarettes and that was my first outage in several months.

I have other problems, not gonna lie. I wanna know if they give you pills for autism. Because I want more pills.

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I have 2 psychiatrists

problem is I don't know if I should because at 31, would it really matter? Especially when I have an onset condition diagnosed?

What change would it make? I heard you have to pass a 'test' to be diagnosed, which kinda sounds like those 'ICJT' tests, you know those fake tests where they assign you 4 letters? My brother was a psychology major (the kind without pills, not the medical kind)

he died of COVID just shy of getting his bachelors. He told me these ICJT and tests like that are scams.

Now I'm not saying autism is a 'scam', because it is not, I'm saying this 'test' sounds like one. At least, and espciallly when a 31 yo shows up and says 'test me for autism'.

It may sound like 'badge-seeking' behavior to the mental health expert. If i were a totally healthy dude, who does not take Lithium, Depakote, Respridone and Ritalin, he could dismiss me as an attention-seeker. Now with this disease added, he could just tell me I am looking for trouble.

Do you guys take pills like I do? What is usually done to treat autism

at least. the kind of autism on the 'functioning' end of spectrum?

I wanna know if someone has ever been in my shoes. Diagnosed with bipolarity or ADHD, but late in their life, wanted to know if they are on the spectrum.

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They don't need to block IPs to stop spammers. Many people don't know this, and in fact, I did not know this until I got all my users banned and I had to make a new user: Early posts of all users are hidden. Like ALL users. Unless you post with a high-quality IP, not necessarily residential, just a high-quality IP.

I have taken to buying, yes, buying users. I did that 2 times, don't do it anymore because Reddit's not worth 8 bucks.

These users usually have one post that's gotten a lot of updoots. Man, Reddit chuds are so predictable with their updooting, people make money from it!

They are also older, like 2 months. I needed to post on r/forhire, so I bought those users.

I think if someone needs to scrape, spam etc, he could just buy a user. They go as cheap as $3 afaik.

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I think you meant blacklisting, but yeah. This is the scummy thing 4chan does. I remember ages ago, people told moot to block datacenter IPs. This was at the height of 'Surgeon Spamming'. I am not going to tell you what Surgeon Spamming is, just know that, I downloaded one of those files. And I deleted it. It's not 'illegal' here, selling 'all' kinds of it is illegal but owning 'all' kinds of it is not an issue. But some of 'it' is just inhumane. It caused me mental scarring. Fuck moot for making this website. Anyways, moot did not block datacenter IPs, and instead added reCaptcha. About 4-5 years later, he himself blocked all datacenter IPs on top of captcha. I cannot post on 4chan without shelling 20 bucks, and it's not a privilege that deserves more than a peanut butter sandwch covered in cum. These two websites block datacenter IPs for nothing but profit-seeking. Honestly, don't google Surgeon Spam in archives. Some of those links, believe it or not, works.

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I'm not the kind of 'trendy' bipolar, although my cunt of an aunt believes I have 'convinced' myself of that, despite being to the nuthouse twice (50 days total) and several psycho-shinks having diagnosed me with several other mental disorders; the very first nuttyness I got diagnosed with was of course, ADD/ADHD. I was given Ritalin. I still take Ritalin though, 2 kinds of it (36mg extended release and 20mg regular type),

So given that I have had a natural birth, the flow of oxygen could have been cut off to my brain. So could I also be 'on the spectrum' as they say?

I am not a healthy person. I am very obsessive with shit nobody cares about. But that's the funhouse version of 'autism' that media shows. Plus it could be from Ritalin use.

How do I know that I am 'on the spectrum' without relying much on any external sources? Is it like bipolarity where they give you pills? What does exactly happen when you are known to be an autistic person?

Is it even necessary if I get diagnosed? I already know my brain is not right. So what's the use in getting the double.

But honestly I have some obsessions that could signal a bit of on-the-spectrum-y-ness? Like why do I hate Rust and all Rust programmers?

I don't do well socially either. Again I realize these are 'funhouse' and 'stereotypical' things people say about people on 'the spctrum'. But I get annoyed even if people use the apostrophe ' incorrectly!

I could just be an obsessive asshole. I am also a druggie but that's a whole other story.

My family is chockful of bipolar people btw, but not many autistic people. My second cousin, son of my first cousin once removed, is autistic. As I understand chief reason for this is your mom and dad being old. Like my first cousin once removed was 40 when she had her son, her husband was in his 40s too.

On the other hand, my mom was 21 when she had me, and my dad 26. It's a known fact that the younger humans are, the healthier you are. I am not trying to troll anybody, this is just a fact. Two things ruins chances of a healthy off-spring, one is consanguineous relations, the other is age. I live in one of those retarded countries where it's still not proven to people that fucking your cousin is bad actually. My parents were from different cities, different races even. My dad was brown-skinned and green-eyed, my mom is white-skinned and brown-haired. Both are ethnically Persian though. Although my dad's grandmother was a gypsy, these gypsies are not the ones you find in Romania, these are the gypsies who stayed behind closer to the place of origin. We call them 'jatts'; and that's how anthropologists know gypsies come from India (if people close to India call them 'jatt', and there's a group of people in India called 'jatt' then, put two and two together I guess! You are smart, your parents weren't brother and sister, or were they?)

Thanks for your help.

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It tells me I have to register to view posts! It has blocked all my VPS IPs. From random places:

  • Turkey
  • India
  • Germany
  • That Asian country that is very 'western', I have forgotten its name

So what's the reason? Is this because of scraping? Seems random. If the IP is from India, we could say, well, they don't want scammers. Turkey, not sure. But Germany?

I know datacenters have an IP range, and they could ban all IPs from all datacenters. But why?

And the issue is, when you register, and post, you suddenly find yourself shadow-banned! I did not even made a bad post or anything.

Where do I get a quality IP that Reddit has not blocked?

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Bookmark this page: https://www.tgju.org/profile/price_dollar_rl

Price of IRR <-> USD

It's currently 595,000.

PeasantScript function to convert digits, run in browser console:

function per2Lat(input) {
  var persianDigits = ['٠', '١', '٢', '٣', '٤', '٥', '٦', '٧', '٨', '٩'];
  var latinDigits = ['0', '1', '2', '3', '4', '5', '6', '7', '8', '9'];
  var result = '';
  for (var i = 0; i < input.length; i++) {
    var index = persianDigits.indexOf(input[i]);
    if (index !== -1) {
      result += latinDigits[index];
    } else {
      result += input[i];
  return result;

// example -> per2Lat('۵۹۹۵۰۰')
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Just use the term 'crash' already dammit. The hell is 'land harshly'? I have never heard this term in my life.

Also this is not worth mentioning, IRNN is showing organized prayers in Iran's Buddhist shrines (most importantly, famous Budhhist figures 'Musa ben Reza' and his sister, 'Masoumeh') for 'safety of the president'. My thinking is, they are trying to use this 'saaneheh' to proselytize Islam. Iranians are Buddhist and there's an internal struggle between the state (who are Muslim) and the people (who are Buddhists).

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If you're wondering wth 'The Red Crescent' is, it's just The Halal version of The Red Cross. I think they are cohorts. They work together. The fact that The Red Cross has to go find the carcass of your fucking president instead of an internal rescue organization is pathetic. I mean there is one (the 'Emdaad', who once took 40 minutes to come rescue a hiker who had an accident in a peak that is

I swear, is in the middle of the city, like, it's more like a theme park than a mountain).

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Theory: Jehovah did this. Iranians should go back to worshipping the Indo-European skyfather. The Arabic/Jewish 'The God' aka Jehovah/YHWH is just bad news. Indo-European Skyfather is a very kind deity.

(Joking, of course, we all know the only deity who exists in reality is Beelzebab).


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