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Project 2025 is their platform. Notice how long they’ve been working towards implementing something like it.

They just know everyone will hate the idea, so they tried not to say it out loud until they were sure of victory.

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Don’t worry; if a crash is severe enough that your airbags go off, odds are your vehicle won’t be going very far anyways.

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An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last. -Winston Churchill

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They just didn’t finish the sentence. ‘There are no openings for someone of your heritage.’

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It’s pointing out that denying that someone is the gender they say they are without surgery, and not offering them surgery, is dumb shit. Basically.

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That’s because what they’re really obsessed with is ‘rules for thee but not for me’.

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I think that’s what’s known as ‘sarcasm’.

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Sadly, this sort of thinking has been prevalent in authorship and publishing circles for quite a long time; Bloomsbury Publishing didn’t invent it.

And it’s not for no reason. As this article notes, even in a 2011 study books written by men tended to get more reviews and more favorable ones, and publishers tend to prefer publishing books by male authors.

Another modern example is Carolyn Janice Cherry, who, when she started writing Sci-Fi, was asked to use C. J. Cherryh, so as to be perceived as 1. male and 2. ‘exotic’ (the publisher felt ‘Cherry’ was far too common a name to grace a Sci-Fi series).

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It depends in part on male vs female; male rats and mice mark territory (and sometimes even their favorite walking paths, so beware if you let them roam) with urine. Back when I kept rats and mice, the female cages would always smell better than the male cages, no matter what I did.

Now I keep pythons, and both male and female cages don’t stink lol. I have to admit that the smell is the biggest thing I don’t miss about having pet rodents.

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As a biological determinist, I am positive that most females do not play RPGs because of a difference in brain function. They can play as well as males, but they do not achieve the same sense of satisfaction from playing.

In short, there is no special game that will attract females—other than LARPing, which is more csocialization and theatrics and gaming—and it is a waste of time and effort to attempt such a thing.

That’s a quote of his from 2006. So, I guess he ‘eased off’ in the sense that he decided ‘females could play as well as males’, but it’s pretty clear he was still a sexist ass until the day he died.

Edit: also, anyone know what the heck he had against LARPers?

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He demonstrated this ‘wrong-think’ up until the day he died (and his son is no peach, either, if his latest attempt at a racist game is any indication).

And as the system still runs on the back of the original, sexist and racist model, it still has the same core issues. If you have a car engine that’s misfiring, and you put new body panels on it, that doesn’t fix the engine issues.

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We actually have our own map system, although of course you can use Google Maps too.

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