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Guess you'll just have to live with paying fair wages to your employees. Get fucked.

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DirecTV did that to my dad years ago. He called to cancel but they sat on it for 4 months and gave us service but didn't stop sending bills. He just just stopped paying them until they started threatening legal action so he had to keep fighting them. Eventually they gave up.

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No that's where the pee is stored.

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There's a lot more inbreds than scientists.

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Exactly. Tolerating the stupid is currently having us regress in society and basic human rights.

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I've got over 1k in flight sim equipment that I haven't touched in 4 years but tbf i did stick with that hobby for about 10 years

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Oh so it just affected you personally got it. So that's where all this is coming from. Now that that's settled you can kindly fuck off.

Preventing workers from doing their jobs doesn't actually hurt them. At all. It just makes it annoying to work.


I'm trying to learn programming and something I struggle with the most is trying to separate code mentally into chunks where I can think through the problem. I'm not really sure how to describe it other than when I read a function to determine what it does then go to the next part of the code I've already forgotten how the function transforms the data and I get stuck trying to figure out the solution. So instead I'll often cludge something together just to make it work but I don't feel like I made any progress. Has anybody else run into this issue where they struggle with abstracting code from text to mental instructions?

Edit: Thank you all for the suggestions and advise. I wish I could reply to everyone but there's been a lot of good information given and I have some ways now to try and train my brain to think about how to break down the code. It's also a little reassuring knowing I'm not the first to have these same struggles.

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