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I think you may have misunderstood. Rolling stock means just the physical trains themselves. The franchises (one of the two major profit extraction points) will go. The rolling stock firms will still exist but after a time be negotiating with a unified British Rail with a unified plan to negotiate prices.

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You’ve perhaps compared the wrong niche though. Game streamers are the Harlem Globetrotters; you’re not there to watch excellent gaming, but entertaining gaming. Whereas esports are the equivalent to competitive sports.

That said; I too struggle to care about watching either. Even my old boss Limmy, no care for watching him stream.

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This is a point I hadn’t considered, and a good one at that.

I also considered that there is decent amounts of rolling stock that need modernisation, and a push to remove diesel locomotives from remaining routes; both might be opportunities for BR to buy their own stock, in place of rentals.

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I think that’s part of the joke too. Like the whole comic has been written out of order due to race conditions; rather than just the father represents race conditions.

It’s one degree of humour too far though, if that’s the case, doesn’t really land.

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We’re one of the only places in the world with Privatised water, and we’re doing a dramatic reenactment of the case study of why it’s not a good idea.

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I don’t defend the decision; but when it was enacted it did work; in exactly and only that specific circumstance, for an exceptionally short period of time. It offloaded a comparatively small bill to the private sector, in exchange for the monopolies; a terrible idea IMHO.

I liken it to a house move. If I must pay removal people, I can either pay them what they ask, or burn everything I own and save on the price of the movers. Burning everything might save me money during moving week, but after that one initial saving, I will be paying ungodly amounts to repurchase everything I burned.

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Rishi wouldn’t put Truss or Boris there after the month they’ve had. May could get one, but I think that would anger a lot of Brexiteers who blame May for some of their woes.

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You should do though. Not necessarily on the topic, but a group who definitely know what you were just told when they spouted off about the lack of evidence, effectively tried to gaslight you with “scientific process”.

I think we need to normalise being pissed off at being lied to like this. You don’t need to become a pro-trans advocate but you can still say “fuck’em” to the people demonstrably deceiving you.

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Let’s fuck shit up is code for keep Rishi in power*.

(*kidding **)


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In the big old house of fun!

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I don’t have suggestions better than those of others; just know I empathise with you.

Also; I call that state Ludo Limbo. The game hasn’t clicked with you, and you’re not having a good time, but for reasons outside your control you’re fucking stuck there.

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is this common

Yes, it’s actually really common due to takings being relatively small in cash these days.

Even when cash was much more prevalent, stores (even really big ones) would deposit in person. In 2005 my friend was required to walk to the bank at 8am the morning after the Xbox360 came out to deposit the entire takings of the midnight sale, in person. He worked for one of the biggest retailers in the UK at the time. IIRC he had over £35k in his backpack (even then many big purchases were being made using Chip and Pin).

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Came across an issue with this post:

When viewed in browser it’s a scene from Star Trek about beards, when viewed in Avelon though it’s a video of chinchilla’s dancing and waving their butts about.

Happens each time the post loads, in both the main feed and the post view itself.

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To the Trill with the license to thrill, happy 60th birthday!

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Hey @evgiz,

I have a quick wee feature request. I’ve got the mark read in scroll AND hide on read features enabled. As it stands I get about 20 posts or so from last I checked Avelon, followed by months old content.

It would be great if, at least on my Home feed, I could have the feed end at posts older than a week?

Thanks muchly, J.

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