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Are they both bots?

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Not surprising. ACAB includes these fuckers as well.

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Nah, the stuff I am cooking without meat tastes better anyways.

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I liked all the references to the Matrix Trilogy being a trans allegory but I see the movie separate from the original three. It's not head canon for me.

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Don't worry, maybe Meta can eventually just buy the inevitable leaks resulting from the general chat surveilance the EU so vehemently tries to push through.

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You don't know if they are nonsensical arguments, if you don't read them, that's the point.

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they got kicked in the head!

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There is no conflict here and no war. You made the false claim that for a balanced diet, animal parts are required. I corrected you, that's it.

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People of whatever side trying to shortcut critical think with bullshit answers like that are super sus.

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Einfach die Spaghetties (oder was auch immer, Nudel ist Nudel, da gibts keine Unterschiede) vor dem Kochen halbieren/vierteln, dann braucht man nur noch einen Löffel und gar keine Gabel mehr :))

Klappt auch super, wenn man die Bruchstücke einfach in eine Schüssel warmes Wasser packt und die dann in die Mikrowelle!

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Lmao you don't need any animals or their secretions in your diet to be healthy.

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Hi other privacy people :)

I am currently looking for a fitness tracker that at least doesn't need a proprietary app to get the data out of it. Haven't really found any recent articles that look into that aspect of fitness trackers, any advice?

I know about the bangle.js but wanted to know if there is more. Also, if you have this device and use it to track your running, I would be happy to read your review!

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Solution for me was to adjust the settings of opentracks. Before it recorded only every 10 metres. Additionally I ordered a chest strap for my heart rate. Brand is Polar, they seem to be good about not needing their own app to get your data.

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ich🪳iel (feddit.de)
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Idee gestohlen vong 1 anderem Nutzy hier

ich👄🙏iel (feddit.de)
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Hey community

I got Disgaea 4 on steam last nigjt, unfortunately I get stuck on the initial "Now loading" screen, after the intro video. However this happens around 4 out of 5 times and sometimes it works.

Does anyone else have this problem? I haven't found a solution for this on protonDB either, sadly.

Running up to date EndeavourOS.

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