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I've previously composed for different project, video, play, etc. but never for a game. I got an opportunity and they asked me to send draft of metal tracks so I recorded a few things overs the past 2 weeks. I'm looking for any kind of feedback that could help me. In you opinion, are these too fast, slow, complicated, simple? What are you favorites? I'm more of a casual gamer... Please try to stay constructive with you comments, Reddit will take care of the bashing. Thanks!

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I listened to the first 4 tracks, and skipped around the rest to get an idea of the content. Lots of good stuff!

  • Great job mimicking the tone of Hades' music. It has a fantastic OST. Korb also wrote Bastion's OST, which is worth a listen, too.
  • In your soundtrack, I think there needs to be more balance between the "wall of sound" harmonies vs. lyrical melodies. IMO, the best game soundtracks are the ones you come away from humming a theme, and I struggled to find one here.

I think "Through Asphodel" is a good example - melody kicks in about 2 minutes in. From what I heard (which wasn't everything, admittedly), you have the background metal sound figured out, but I think you’re missing that soaring melody in some of these.

Just my two cents!

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That is super usefull, thanks! I wasn't sure if I should just keep the tracks more ryrhmic/repetitive since its for a game bur after reading your comments, I might add a lead guitar track on top of the rythm. Cheers!

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