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Men's Liberation

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This community is first and foremost a feminist community for men and masc people, but it is also a place to talk about men’s issues with a particular focus on intersectionality.


Everybody is welcome, but this is primarily a space for men and masc people

Non-masculine perspectives are incredibly important in making sure that the lived experiences of others are present in discussions on masculinity, but please remember that this is a space to discuss issues pertaining to men and masc individuals. Be kind, open-minded, and take care that you aren't talking over men expressing their own lived experiences.

Be productive

Be proactive in forming a productive discussion. Constructive criticism of our community is fine, but if you mainly criticize feminism or other people's efforts to solve gender issues, your post/comment will be removed.

Keep the following guidelines in mind when posting:

  • Build upon the OP
  • Discuss concepts rather than semantics
  • No low effort comments
  • No personal attacks

Assume good faith

Do not call other submitters' personal experiences into question.

No bigotry

Slurs, hate speech, and negative stereotyping towards marginalized groups will not be tolerated.

No brigading

Do not participate if you have been linked to this discussion from elsewhere. Similarly, links to elsewhere on the threadiverse must promote constructive discussion of men’s issues.

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I'm in the process of reading this (and a dozen other books lol). Interesting so far. Haven't formed opinions yet. But definitely appreciate Bell Hooks for having tackled this subject.

[–] [email protected] 0 points 2 months ago (1 children)

Hey, just as an FYI, bell hooks specifically asked that her name not be capitalized. Takes a bit of getting used to, but wanted to pop a message in so that people knew the spelling on the cover shown here is deliberate.

[–] [email protected] 0 points 2 months ago

Appreciate that. Will fix.