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I spent two full minutes trying to understand why people were interpreting this comic strip as something related to gender identity.

It’s my fault. I slightly broke one of the community rules that stipulates stories must be complete. I thought this segment of the comic told a complete story on its own, but the lack of context led to this misunderstanding, and I apologize for that.

Indeed, the story continues, and I was hoping that some people would visit the author's website to read the entire arc of this story. To clarify once and for all, and already giving a spoiler, the blonde woman who appears in the story is the CEO of the company, and for that reason she did not appear in the listing of regular employees.

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I feel like I'm still missing something. I don't get why that would affect whether or not she said "hi" to him.

Why couldn't a visitor or something say "hi"? Like, what relevance does the SQL query have?

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