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It'd easy to make really mad and to insinuate something about unhealthy eating habits, etc.

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What do those Taglines do? Where show they up? What are they used for? How are they used?

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I planned to selfhost my own code repos forever, this gives me one more little push, but let's see if I move it to my server.

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The three V:s we have in Sweden:

  • Villa
  • Volvo
  • Vovve
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For 193 million I would also let people write 'fuck u jeena' for two months.

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For that you'd need enough developers to maintain a fork. And seeing how /kbin struggles to keep up, the Lemmy devs would have to fuck up pretty extensively for people to really move away.

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There is /kbin though, which is even compatible with the Lemmy instances so you don't even miss out on the content.

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That is not opposite, they just want to pull in data from the fediverse automatically so that they can sell it too.

We need some explicit licensing of our public fediverse data otherwise it will just be used to sell it back to us.

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Other communities. I'm participating in [email protected] but we have only a few people posting there, so when I see a post in worldnews or something about Korea I like to cross post it to there.

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If I could cross post in Sync like I can on the website.

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Korea is absolutely not prepared for any kind of immigration. And they've been isolated for so long they really don't know hor to deal with people who aren't from their culture.

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Sure, I said for whatever reason, valid reasons or invalid. That doesn't change that it will get worse for the next generation.

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But because my son got my German citizenship he get's nothing, even though both his parents pay huge amount of taxes. We even need to pay for the Kindergarten out of pocket, which just so became quite more expensive too.

But to be honest, I don't want him to grow up here in Korea with all the pressure and the bleak outlook into the future where one worker will need to pay for one retired person too, especially for all the retieries who didn't have children for whatever reason.

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When I was traveling the world I always learned about new food, then when back home I'd try to recreate it and invite friends and family who have no possibility to travel to taste it.

Now I haven't had the possibility to travel to new places for the last couple of years, but I wonder if you guys have some tips what I could try to make. Something not too complicated but to some extend exotic.

My tip would be the the Sabich which I tried in Jerusalem in 2019. A flatbread with eggplant, egg, other vegetables and sauces. Sweet and savory.

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I myself wanted one of those remote controlled air planes. I thought that's the coolest thing ever. Once I grew up and had the money, I never bought it.

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I switched from the YouTube app to LibreTube on my android phone, but it's buffering most of the videos so much that I can't use it. The same videos work just fine on the YouTube app. Any suggestions what I could do to improve it?

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(not a joke, they seized the domain name).


I'm in a box (jemmy.jeena.net)
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We are visiting the inlaws and making dumplings.

No idea if that is a korean tradition or a chinese korean tradition.

Anyway, happy lunar new year everyone!

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Another chance for the Brits to get rid of this weird institution.

Every Family Dinner Now (jemmy.jeena.net)
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Not sure if it is like that because I'm in Korea, but on my Samsung S9 Samsung is injecting ads for their new S24 in my notifications. I've had the phone for 5 years and this is the first time I see ads in my phone notifications, unbelievable.

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