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I don't see how you can possibly play Stellaris outside of turbo speed setting.

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Religion is just a lie, and given how easily quick lies spread vs longer truths, I see no resolution for Homo sapiens

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What have you done???

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Such a brave personal story, but she's also a moron blaming it on books.

Just another "the witch made me do it" story.

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Anti-rape device

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No, you're cosplaying a patron to leonardo davinci working on his magnum opus. To be unveiled any day now.

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Not possible until humanity stops producing bullshitters bullshitting about what happens when you die, preying on those who have difficulty ignoring said bullshit

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Checkmate climate scientists

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Checkmate climate scientists

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The priest’s data has been obtained from commercially available databases

TLDR: $4 million, and 52 weeks of data for a catholic organization to out the "sinner". A dragnet search, not checking him specifically.

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They searched the library's catalog for words like "gay" and "transgender" to ban books.

Anti Union Mailing Season (sh.itjust.works)
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It's called a g-string

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Lately I've heard people attacking the veracity of the fairy tale book with statements like "Jesus wasn't real" or it was a psy op operation by the Romans that got out of control. And I hate talking about reddit but it's basically the atheism mods policy over there that Jesus wasn't real.

I usually rely on the Wikipedia as my litmus test through life, which shouldn't work in theory but is great in practice:

Per https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Historicity_of_Jesus

Virtually all scholars agree that a Jewish man called Jesus of Nazareth did exist in Palestine in the 1st century CE. The contrary perspective, that Jesus was mythical, is regarded as a fringe theory.

Edit: My suggestion to any who would like to see my opinion changed (see above quote) is to get on the Wikipedia and work towards changing the page. My upvote goes to Flying Squid for reminding us "does not matter at all because that’s not who Christians worship"

Edit 2: practicality changed to practice

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Article basically says they talked to the sheriff in private who told them "he asked for and received the porn on purpose". Don't know how a PR person is supposed to spin that.

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Don’t know shit about this person, but 1819 news is a right wing shit hole. I wouldn’t trust these assholes to report the weather.

It's just a regular doxing article. Showing the mayor's cross dressing photos and all the related linked accounts. Completely fucked up without the "public official" exemption for privacy.

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Or cops: We're seeking an apple computer, MAC address xxxxxxxxx

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Todd defenders: Ikea did not survive the exodus from Earth.

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