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Welcome to Lemmy.fan!

This instance succeeds on one simple mantra: Be kind, and do unto others as you have done to yourself. Consider for a moment that we're ALL on the the same rapidly-spinning, mostly-watery orb, hurtling through space at fantastic speeds, and trading metal and paper for our livelihoods. The unknown will always dwarf the known. Learning never ends. We may be experts in something, but no one person is an expert in all things.

Given that, here our are very simple


Facts based in reality and science are not debatable.

Opinions are great, just be ready to back yours up with a solid foundation of factual information and/or research.

No NSFW communities are allowed to be created on this instance.

Community creation is encouraged so long as it is actively moderated.

Donations are not being accepted or expected. This rule may change IF the instance grows beyond current capacity. Please enjoy an ad-free, donation-free social media experience.

Lastly, negative behaviors such as trolling, harassment, stalking, brigading, and other offensive behaviors as judged by the instance admin(s) will not be tolerated. Immediate and permanent bans are issued for spammers, trollers, vote brigaders, stalkers, harassers, and those of similar ilk. All decisions will be made by the instance admin(s). Those decisions are final and incontestable.

That's the end of the boring but necessary stuff.

Alternate UIs

Want a reddit-like experience? Check out https://old.lemmy.fan (mlmym)

Alexandrite is a gorgeous, highly-customizable Lemmy frontend. https://a.lemmy.fan (Alexandrite)

Photon UI offers a sleek and responsive Lemmy experience. https://photon.lemmy.fan (Photon)

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