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Surprise, your local cops are authoritarian pieces of shit who think the law only applies to citizens, who they view as an invading force here to harm cops.

All Cops Are Bastards, and the systems that uphold them as well.

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and the systems that uphold them as well.

This is the most important point. Governments at every level are discarding constitutional law, and embracing fascism in opposition of American ideals. Cops couldn't do this without the support of city, county, state, and federal programs to give them what they want.

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Thanks for recognizing this. It's the cops, it's the DAs, its the Prosecutors that work for the city/state/nation (RIP Aaron Swartz, a victim of one of those), it's the judges who take all cops word as unfettered truth and do nothing but view regular citizens with unbridled skepticism and contempt, its the mayors/governors who are scared of the cops and keep capitulating to them because the cops just won't do anything except draw a paycheck if they don't like what you're doing politically. The feeble milquetoast broken losers that bend over and take it from the cops because they're scared of the cops abusing them or the fucking MAGAs abusing them are the enablers. We're seeing the pinnacle of it right now, endlessly using kid gloves on Donald "Literal Treasonous Spy" Trump because "oh but he might appeal" and "oh but his followers might do nasty things to us, so we don't want to upset them." What a bunch of loser ass fucking pussies. So worried about their own skins that they're going to let us fall into fascism under the waffling of "But it's not our fault the Republicans and the Cops and Judges hate citizens and think they're all criminal scum, we have to follow these crazy, unhinged laws that they wrote after literally rigging elections to benefit themselves. There's literally nothing we can do!" They're enablers because anybody who gave a single damn would know there's plenty they could fucking do, and yes it means calling Republicans on their bullshit chicanery and fucking doing something about it.

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