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If I had to guess, it's because it's a click bait headline that offers nothing useful to people until they've committed to watching a video

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I suppose having a short summary with the post would go a long way in helping everyone decide whether to watch it or not. I do wish everyone would put summaries in, as too many just comment on the headline without even following the link. For me, what is always important before following it is, why would it be of interest to be to follow it further.

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So, when I first saw this headline, my process went like this

"Stuttering? I've got stuttering when I'm under Wayland. Is this link about nvidia stuff, which I'm already across or some other thing?"

"Hmm, no more context in the headline. Oh, and it's a video link, so I can't even click on the link to get a quick summary to know if it's relevant to me. I don't want to watch the video if it's not relevant to me"

And that was the end of it. I never bothered to click on it.

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Yea…I got lazy and just used the video’s title

[-] [email protected] 0 points 3 weeks ago

Which part of the title is clickbait?

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Everything. It doesn't accurately describe the issue (animation stutter when using an HDD or during heavy I/O) and it doesn't mention the solution (put the cache folder in tmpfs), plus it obviously follows the traditional sensationalist tone used in clickbait.

The point is to be deliberately vague to bait people into watching it.

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Okay, but when I have the problem that my KDE is stuttering, I'm not searching for ".cache folder on Low-IOPS Drive causes my stuttering issue", because, yk, I'd have to know the solution for that. I'd probably search for "why does KDE stutter".

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"Try this..." where "this" is intentionally vague until you click on the link is standard clickbait tactics...

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