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I'll kick us off with an absolute banger...

Boyzone - Love Me For A Reason

I was like 6. I wanted it desperately. Listening back to it now, as a 36 year old man I can admit that it's an absolutely horrible bit of music....but it still takes me back to being a young kid.

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First two CDs I bought were Bon Jovi - New Jersey, and Guns n Roses - Appetite for Destruction

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Appetite for Destruction was my first CD. I was in Hong Kong, bought a portable CD player and the G’n’R CD. As I was walking the street in Kowloon, first notes of Welcome to the Jungle hit me with a force. I was hooked immediately. Will see Slash in couple of weeks.

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That's awesome. I was just a kid and was gifted a stereo with a CD player for my birthday by my uncle. He gave me a CD along with it: Fine Young Cannibals - The Raw & the Cooked. I don't remember much but I know my collection was quickly followed up by Def Leppard - Hysteria

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