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At the moment, it's difficult to go to a community based on its link. For example, if I paste https://programming.dev/c/game_design into the search box, it shows some search results that mention that community, but no way to actually get there. I think the link to the community should appear prominently in the search results, or, even better, if you search for a community link, it should directly take you to that community. In my example, it would take me to https://a.lemmy.world/programming.dev/c/game_design

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Hi :)

A small, not very important request, but at the moment if I want to edit the Sidebar of the Community I mod, I have to use the default UI to do so. Are there any plans to implement the edit button/link into the Alexandrite UI?

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It would be great if there was an extra option under settings "Keep navigation sidebar open" that could hide the text and only showing the icons for subsciptions/settings etc. That would save a lot of space. Thanks for a awesome site!


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alexandrite.app - [email protected] - Github

Just a few things this time, the biggest is mod team management. You can now add and remove mods from the "..." menu on posts and comments. You can also find links to the modlog to see what actions have been taken against that user.

add mod button

You can also remove mods or leave the mod team of a community from inside the "Moderation" area of the sidebar (note: the "Modlog" link moved inside this section too as it's not useful to most people)

Alexandrite settings will now automatically update in every tab instantly, so if you change the theme in one tab, when you switch to another already open Alexandrite browser tab you'll notice it'll already be using your new theme.

When viewing reports, they will now be sorted by newest report first, instead of oldest post/comment first.

For the self hosters out there, Alexandrite should now have arm builds thanks to ismailkarsli on Github! (Thank you!) The image builds now take a little longer, and the build isn't quite done yet so you might have to wait a bit until it's available.

That's it for now. Next release will probably be Lemmy 0.19 support, and I believe I'll finally be able to add image uploading then too (it might be in the next release after 0.19 support).

Github release notes

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When navigating posts in the feed, the URL is changed to each active post. This means that when the page is reloaded, Alexandrite goes to that page instead of the active feed. In the above screenshot, I was browsing all, but refreshing the page left me on the post that was active.

Perhaps a fix might be to append the active post to the URL? Something like:


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The linked post and discussion from the Photon dev re: the lemmy 0.19 release got me thinking about how Alexandrite will handle the migration since the release includes breaking changes.

@[email protected] thoughts?

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Am I misremembering or didn't there used to be a way to block users in Alexandrite...from their profile I think? I don't see a button for it now. I can block them in Eternity on mobile though.

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While I appreciate being able to block individual communities, I feel like being able to block while instances would be really helpful.

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I've been away on vacation but I'm back with a new release of Alexandrite!

The mod log is now implemented! At the moment you can see a community's modlog from the top of the community sidebar, and the instance modlog from the bottom of the instance sidebar (I'll likely change where these links are at some point). Now moderators should be able to do even more stuff without leaving Alexandrite.


Additionally there's a link to the modlog when viewing a user's profile (also in the sidebar), which lets you see the mod actions that have been performed on them. This should help moderators identify problematic users.

user modlog

In both cases, you will see a content warning screen before being redirected to the actual modlog, but you can disable this for either all communities or for the ones you moderate in the settings.

modlog content warning

Icons for NSFW communities will now be hidden unless you have "NSFW Thumbnails" set to "Show" in the settings. Previously it would just always show icons.

Moderators looking through reports will now see the post or comment's score (and vote breakdown on hover) so you can see at a glance what the community thought about something. Additionally it also shows how long ago a report was made.

report votes

Then just some random improvements. The community header's buttons now collapse into a "..." menu if the screen isn't wide enough to fit them all, and the header at the top of the page is now darker (in dark mode) and lighter (in light mode) which I think looks a lot nicer.

I'll soon release 0.8.5, but that'll just be a quick bug fix, as I realized when writing this post that the "No" button on the modlog content warning doesn't redirect to the right place sometimes. Edit: Nevermind it was 0.8.7, still that's the only fix, I just kept messing up and releasing without the actual change.

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The site itself is up, but it says 'Network Error' when I try to access it through alexandrite.app

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One of the interaction menu options (where "Cross-post / Send Message / Report Post / Block user / Block Community" live)
OR (preferably)
perhaps even one of the external buttons (next to Comment / Save / Original Post -OR- next to Upvote / Downvote)
should be the ability to either hide or collapse a given post so the things you've already seen take up less screen space
(but shouldn't be permanently lost to you so you can go back to something if you decide you want to look at it again)

Also, apologies if this is already suggested, I tried to search, and either it isn't there or the search function isn't very good.

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Just some quick features!

When creating a post there's now a button to suggest a title based on the URL you entered. Just enter a URL then click "Suggest Title"

suggest title button

Then if you want to use that title hit the button!

title suggestion

You can create a post without first visiting the community by clicking the new "+" button in the header. The menu looks a little bit empty right now, but I'll add more stuff here later.

create menu


  • Added the ability to edit/delete/report private messages
  • Links to external sites in markdown now open in a new tab
  • If you have the "Keep navigation sidebar open" setting enabled, it will now open by default
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I've been loving Alexandrite, it's my go-to recommendation for Lemmy on desktop. Keep up the great work!

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Question for @[email protected]:

What's your preferred way to receive feature requests?

I see people making posts here, which is nice because it allows community discussion, but you also have a github issue tracker, which may be handier for you to actually follow up the request. I have some ideas I'd like to put forward, and I would like to use the way that's the least burdensome for you to manage.

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Alexandrite now has cross-posting! You can cross post from the '...' menu on posts:

crosspost menu

You then pick a community from your subscriptions, or search for any other community, or directly enter the full name like [email protected] if you want a very specific one and don't want to bother with searching.

community selector

And links to cross-posts will now show when viewing a posts:

Alexandrite now matches Lemmy-UI handling taglines. If an instance has any taglines set it will now pick a random one instead of showing all of them.


Lastly if you have NSFW thumbnail handling set to "Hide" or "Blur", it will now hide/blur thumbnails when a post is in a NSFW community, even if the post itself isn't marked NSFW, as the post is probably actually NSFW anyway and it's better to be safe than sorry.

Github release notes

Thank you! (lemmy.dbzer0.com)
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This looks like the future of using Lemmy, very beautiful UI

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cross-posted from: https://lemmy.world/post/3256777

You're now able to theme Alexandrite a lot more, I'm excited to see what color schemes you all can come up with!

alexandrite.app - [email protected] - Github

There's now a light mode! Alexandrite will now detect your system's default color scheme and use that, but you can force dark or light mode in the settings. This is the default hue/saturation on light mode:

light mode

You can also change the saturation to make it as gray or as colorful as you want, plus you can customize the hues of links and up/downvote buttons (downvotes in screenshots just for demonstration!)

Here are the settings for themes now. There are numbers next to all the sliders to make it easier to share customizations! I might add a few presets in the future.

Posts look a little nicer. The content on them shows using similar styles to the previews on the cards. The "View Source" button is now a small button in the top right corner of the post.

Some 0.7.0 features I didn't mention here before:

There's an option when using the "List" post layout that shows a preview of the post content like the card layout does.

Oh speaking of version numbers Alexandrite now releases with version numbers! You can find the version number in use on the "About Alexandrite" page. You can read more on the version number announcement.

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EDIT: This is now released, see the 0.8.0 release announcement

Please let me know if you have any feedback or find bugs! Note, if you are just seeing a bunch of exclamation marks instead of images and are viewing on alexandrite.app, that's a bug I just noticed, click the "Original Post" button on the post to view on lemmy.world. I'll fix that bug tonight.

I've been working on a light mode, and I added hue customization for links and votes, plus you can customize the base theme saturation. Light/dark mode will be chosen based on your device's preferred setting, but you can set one specifically on the settings page.

Here's the default colors for light mode (up/down votes for illustrative purposes lol):

If you don't want it to be so colorful, lower the saturation:

Or if you prefer a more 'plain' dark mode:

Here's all the settings:

Another screenshot for good measure:


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tl;dr: Alexandrite now has version numbers, new official docker images are built only when publishing a new release instead of with every change to the main branch, currently 0.7.0 is the only/newest version (if you're using latest that's fine, it'll keep pointing to the newest version too). Now you'll find a version number at the bottom of the "About Alexandrite" page. Alexandrite.app continues to run the latest code from the main branch.

For the technically inclined who want more background: the official site, alexandrite.app, has always been built off the main branch with auto-deploys. I can find a bug and within 5 minutes alexandrite.app can be updated with my fix. It's really convenient because if I deploy something then realize I missed an edge case I can just fix it quick and probably not very many people were ever impacted.

When I first added self-hosting support I just made it publish images based on changes to main, and planned to add proper version numbers soon after (which I've now done). Now knowing people are self hosting using my docker images, and since I don't control how quickly fixes are deployed or when they update, I've needed to be extra cautious to make sure everything works perfectly the first time (or as close as I can manage by myself). I just want to avoid a scenario where I release a big update at 6:00PM, notice a bug and fix it by 6:05PM, but someone's self-hosted instance updates daily at 6:03PM and now that instance has to live with that bug for the next day.

That's why I made this change. The main site can be the "bleeding edge" and then the official docker image releases might be slightly behind and hopefully be slightly more stable.

Besides that, I've been thinking about creating somewhere to chat and share news/ideas of Alexandrite updates besides just this community. Thinking about making either a Discord server or a room on Matrix. Thoughts?

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In my opinion, it would be nice to be able to search for communities on specific instances.

Also, would it be possible to have the option to sort or group my community list by instance?

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Not a nag or anything. I just checked alexandrite on mobile and it seemed better than I remember. It’s probably better than the default UI. The only issues I could see are some minor sizing wrinkles (relative sizes between fonts and buttons/elements seem to need some tweaking) but otherwise it’s looking pretty good already! (Posted from alexandrite on mobile).

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EDIT: This is now released.

Hey! I'm almost done with a new feature and was looking for some feedback. I'm adding alternate post layouts for when viewing posts in a feed. There's a new setting for it:

(List is the default, the only style until now)

Card layout shows the post's image at full height, and the first few lines of the embedded description/post content (got some of the ideas from Sync).

Compact Layout uses smaller thumbnails and fonts to fit a bit more on screen.

With this I'm also working towards mobile support. You'll find things generally work a bit better now with this.

Anyways, let me know how things go, if you find any bugs, or if you have any other feedback.

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Recently started using Alexandrite and am really enjoying the experience, but have questions.

I'm thinking of Alexandrite as the chocolate shell over my lemmy.world ice cream cone. Alexandrite is not an instance, correct?

I have not found a place on Alexandrite where my subscriptions (joined communities) are listed. Is this not yet available?

I assume that if I join a community in one (either Alexandrite or Lemmy.world) it will sync with the other. True?

I've joined communities in Alexandrite, but they don't show in the list of subscribed communities in lemmy.world. That just may take more time. Yes?


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Hey all, wanted to let you know about the stuff I've added in the last few days.

You can now configure your languages in the "Lemmy" tab in settings! Along with this Alexandrite now respects your instance/community's configured discussion languages, as well as your language settings. If you ever saw a language_not_allowed error when trying to post or comment, this should fix it!

You can now create an account from within Alexandrite! From the login page just enter an instance and you'll see a new button to create an account

And the account creation should have all the same things you're used to seeing. Now if you're introducing someone to Lemmy and send them a link to Alexandrite you won't need to include a "well if you want to make an account go here first, then go back to this site" caveat.

Moderators! There are a couple changes for you too. First off when banning a user you can now do temporary bans, and can remove the user's content just like in the official UI.

When viewing comments under a post, or when viewing posts on a community you will now see a badge next to comments/posts made by moderators. Note: the moderator list needs to be loaded separately for each community, which is why you won't see the badges if you're viewing from the home/search pages (it's one server request to load a list of posts, if each list of post subsequently had to make 50 individual requests for communities that'd be pretty taxing on the servers so until you view a post from that community you won't see "Mod" there).

A few bugs that were fixed:

  • If you ctrl+click (or cmd+click on Mac) to open a post in a new tab, it will now do that instead of opening it in the overlay/column
  • If a thread is locked you won't be able to comment in the thread.
  • Admins now can feature posts in Local
  • Instances that have disabled downvoting (like Beehaw) won't show the downvote button
  • If you're using Chrome, the "Reply" tooltip doesn't get stuck open anymore.
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